Homogenoeuos And Heterogeneous Substances Assignment Assignment For Chemistry And Laboratory

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Homogeneous Mixtures
Water is considered as a homogeneous substance because it has a uniform composition and properties. It contains dissolved minerals and different types of gases but these chemicals are dissolved. Those different of minerals and gases are dissolved by water and it does not affect its composition and properties.
A Cup of Coffee
It is composed of sugar, coffee and sometimes even with creamer. Even though it has different ingredients, hot water dissolves these particles. And because of hot water it is uniform in properties and composition.
Perfume or Cologne
It is what we use in our daily grooming. It is composed of different chemicals that make the smell of it. Cologne and perfume also looks uniform in composition and properties so it is considered as a homogeneous substance.
Heterogeneous Mixtures
Fruit Salad
This is a mixture of some fruits mixed with some milk and cream. Fruits and milk when mixed doesn’t have a uniform composition and properties. Instead, they change each other’s properties and composition and because of that, fruit salad is a heterogeneous mixture.
Tuna in oil
It is the meat of the fish mixed with oil. Its appearance changed because the oil didn’t dissolved the tuna. This is a heterogeneous substance because the tuna changed some properties of the oil.
Pancit is a dish mixed noodles, some meat and vegetables. The ingredients...

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