Homophobia As A Societal Construct Essay

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In today’s society, we face a lot of challenges in addressing, conforming to, and adapting to changes in cultural and social norms. What some refer to as normal human behaviour in one society, can usually be regarded as taboo in some other. One of the most controversial issues facing today’s society is the subject of homosexuality. There are over four-hundred and forty species that engage in homosexuality; only one is homophobic. Homosexuality is not a disease; people do not call in sick because they are feeling 'gay'. We all know people oppose homosexuality because in their view, it would give society’s and the law’s imprimatur to a deviant lifestyle. Fortunately for people like me and my ...view middle of the document...

Marriage is simply an official proclamation of love and loyalty that is acknowledged by society. Union exists as a dedication between two people in a loving relationship who want to carry on their lives together. That relationship between those two individuals is a basic human right. Society should not judge, measure, or limit this relationship. A person’s sexual orientation is a basic characteristic of their humanity, not a pick. Our society must accept this reality. Gays should have the same basic rights as anyone else in our nation and deserve to be married and accepted as married in our club.
A homosexual is just as much a human being as a heterosexual. The sole difference is sexual orientation. It is not a crime to be dissimilar, so there is no just cause to deny homosexuals basic human rights. Gay couples have every right to marry the person of their choice, just as straight couples do. Denying human rights on the basis of sexual orientation, just like denying human rights on the basis of race, is unjust and immoral. The court describes marriage as one of the basic civil rights of human beings and the most important relation in life. So anyone should be capable to marry and whomever they marry, that the couple should have a right to seclusion. One might oppose this view of homosexual marriage. The author of Opposing Viewpoints Resource Centre: Women Should Not Support Same-Sex Marriage argues that “Women themselves, all women, will be hurt. The understanding is that gay marriage takes something that belongs essentially to women, is crucial to their very freedom, and empties it of meaning” (Fisanick). Yet if we actually think about this, women’s rights do not come from marriage. A woman cannot lose her freedom if a homosexual couple gets married. This argument makes no sense: how do women lose their rights if two homosexual people get married? A woman’s rights to marry, to equal opportunity, and to equal pay are in no way compromised by gay marriage. Nothing is lost if homosexuals get married.
We, as a nation, have finally acknowledged that all masses are created equal regardless of race. It took years of injustice and racial division before our country realized its most serious fault. Similarly, homosexual people should not be marginalized in the way that they are today. Because homosexuals are a minority, the majority prefers to throw out their orientation as “different” and therefore “wrong.” Everyone does have the right to their own particular viewpoint, but everyone is likewise entitled to respect and equality. We exist in a society where you can choose same-sex marriage or the reverse. I think people should acknowledge the reality that homosexuals are citizens of this world, just as straight people are. I believe strongly that same-sex marriage should be legal in all states. In the terminal, if you love someone you should possess the right to espouse them, no matter if they are female or male. There is no rational basis to deny...

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