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Homosexual Adoption Essay

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All over the world, there are children who are waiting to be adopted. However, in some states in the united states same sex couples are not allowed to adopt them while many heterosexual couples who are unfit to raise a child are allowed to keep and abuse their children. I am of the opinion that only people who can actually care for a child should be allowed to have one, and if same sex couples want to adopt them, they should be allowed to. For example, I have seen a lot of children who have been burned or beat by their parents; parents who abuse their children physically are obviously unfit to care for children and should not be allowed to keep them. So then, which parents can have ...view middle of the document...

For instance, there is a lot of children in the streets in my country; if you ask them do you would like to have a home with food and principally parents who loves and takes care of you, they would say yes, and they will not even care if the parents are homosexual or heterosexual.
Opponents of this view say that since the begin of time a family‘s structure was constituted of a father, a mother, and their children. These same people question how a child would feel if he or she had two mothers or two fathers; they state that for the child it is confusing, and he or she will be bullied at school because of their parents’ sexual preferences. On contrary, the child would only be bullied or manked at if the parents of other children tell their children not to talk to the children who have a homosexual as a parents.
Of course, under this definition only families who live in a traditional family structure should be able to raised a child. In their view, single parents should not be allowed to raise a child because they do not have the traditional structure. Opponents of this view say that single parent experience show us that children are better off in a household based by a man and a women. it should be banned everything that goes against it. When referring to child abuse by traditional parenting, homosexual parents would be better for the children. This only show us that same sex couples can be better or the same as traditional couple. For example, I watched on the tv when I was in...

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