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Homosexual Adoptions. Essay

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Imagine yourself as a person whohas a nice home, a good job, religious faith, and a lovingrelationship with another person of the same sex. The first threethings in the previous sentence would almost indefinitely makeyou a good prospect to be a parent of an adopted child. Theseare the main things that adoption agencies look for in a parent'sbackground. However, the last thing mentioned would (in moststates) immediately eliminate you from being able to adopt a child.This angers many people who see themselves as good peoplewho could be good parents to those children who have nofamilies and are up for adoption. Homosexuals argue thatparenting is about responsibility and commitment, not sexualorientation. They also argue that legislation has no real reasonsbehind passing the anti-homosexual adoption law, besides theirown personal biases behind homosexuality. Gay and lesbianpeople have searched for reasoning behind the law and haveonly found that there are no REAL reasons. First of all, there havenot been any studies done and proved that children of gay orlesbian parents are disadvantaged in any significant respectrelative to children of heterosexual parents. There is no evidenceat all that sexual preference of adults in the home has anydetrimental impact on children. Little difference exists in theoverall mental health of children raised in homosexualhouseholds. And once again, the quality of parenting, not theparents sexual orientation, is the most crucial factor for a child'shealthy growth and development. Homosexuals strongly believethat the anti-homosexual adoption legislation is an attack againstgay and lesbian people. But in all reality it is a bigger attack onthe behalf of children who have no family or home. They arguethat of the 500,000 children in foster care, 100,000 of thesechildren are awaiting adoption. And that there are only 20,000,qualified adoptive parents for these children. The rest of these500,000 children are left to suffer without a loving family andparents. They believe that our representatives need to be liftingfamilies and children up-not devising, discriminatory,unconstitutional legislation. However, there is another side tothese arguments. Those who are against homosexual adoptionbelieve that being adopted by parents who are living together ashomosexuals, may bring out unrestrained homophobia from therest of society. This I agree with. I believe that other children whothink of their home life to be "normal" would discriminate againstchildren who lead a different lifestyle. Children can be very harshwith their words and actions against others who know not how toreact and defend themselves because they do not know the"normal" lifestyle in which the other children lead. They wouldprobably be teased and tormented to no end and there is nothinganyone could to about it. If the male and female household hasnot been the norm for millions of years, this may not propose sucha problem. The children may not even be the main problem....

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