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Differences Between Being Raised By Homosexual Parents Or By Traditional Heterosexual Couples

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Homosexuals adopting and having children has been a hot topic for debate over the past couple of decades. It is a topic in which many people have very strong moral and ethical beliefs about. The main focus of many of these debate centers around the children to be adopted by homosexual parents. People apposed to the idea of homosexuals adopting and parenting children may not just be apposed to the idea of homosexuals have the right to be parents but may be more concerned for the well being of the child. This is not irrational to worry about the children in this situation because we want the children to have the best lives possible. But are there any justifications to thinking homosexual parents are any worse than traditional heterosexual parents? In this paper I hope to analyze the differences of being raised in a homosexual family versus being raised in a traditional family and see if really matters if you parents are homosexual.
It is estimated that around one to nine million United States children have at least one homosexual parent. According to the 2000 census there were 594,000 same-sex partner houses holds with twenty-seven percent of them with children in that household (Linville, O’Neil, n.d.). While there is no federal law in the Unites States that strictly prohibits same-sex couple from adopting children over the years some states have made it difficult and impossible for some same-sex couples to adopt. Some states have made illegal to jointly adopt a child son only one parent may be the solo adopter of the child. Other states have made it so only married couples can adopt children and in their states gay are not allowed to get married. Other states such as Florida directly prohibited homosexuals and same-sex couples from adopting children though this has recently been discredited by a recent court decision. So over the past few decades there have been countless efforts to not allow homosexuals to adopt children but is there good reason to believe that homosexuals parents make worse parents than traditional parents?
One of the main arguments against homosexual parenting is that for children need to be exposed to both-sex parent in order for there to be healthy psychological and emotional development. So growing up with two same-sex parents would not provide a child with the proper socialization. A recent study preformed by Ms. Anna Fairtlough provided a very strong argument against this. In this study Ms. Fairtlough analyzes sixty-seven accounts of children thirteen and older who were raised by homosexual parents. The majority of the children in these accounts had a positive view on their parent’s sexuality. They felt that their parents were very open and honest with them and that lead them to be more open and honest themselves. Many of the children also found their parents very easy to talk to compare to what they had seen from strait families. One kid Rosie found her family favorable compared to strait families where she saw they...

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