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Homosexual Marriages And Civil Unions. Essay

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In the United States, marriage is currently defined as matrimonial union between one man and one woman. Civil unions have a similar definition, although a civil union is not a religious ceremony. With the exception of the state of Massachusetts, same-sex marriages and civil unions are banned. Five states (Connecticut, New Jersey, Rhode Island, New Mexico, and New York) have no specific laws concerning gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender marriages. A few states allow civil unions between homosexual couples. Currently a homosexual person can not inherit his late partner's life insurance, possessions, or be considered "immediate family" in health-related emergencies in many states. Eight states allow adoption by homosexual couples, fifteen states allow it in some jurisdictions, four states oppose same-sex parenting, and twenty-three states are currently undecided.About half of the nation's population is currently in favor of either same-sex marriage or civil union. The argument for this position is based primarily on the Constitution's declaration of equal rights for all citizens. If heterosexual couples are legally allowed to marry and share possessions, homosexual individuals should be given the same rights and benefits. Supporters of same-sex unions argue that necessary benefits are received when two people marry or participate in a civil union. They claim that discrimination against homosexuals is the same as the persecution that was practiced years ago against women, and the racism that was common following the Civil War.Those who oppose homosexual unions base their arguments mainly on religious morals. Their religion, whether it is Christianity, Judaism, Islam, or another, teaches against homosexuality. The argument in opposition to same-sex marriages is focused around the dictionary definition of marriage---a union between a man and a woman. They claim that the sanctity of marriage will be undermined and made insignificant. They debate that, as two members of the same gender can not procreate, homosexuality is abnormal and unnatural. This is one of the major arguments against gay and lesbian unions.Overall, the correct choice of path would be to legalize homosexual marriage and...

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929 words - 4 pages majority of Americans are against." ( Many states now provide civil unions as an alternative to marriage for homosexuals. While many people are satisfied with these laws because they are protecting the traditional idea of marriage, other people, both homosexuals and heterosexuals are saying that these laws are not only unjust, but unconstitutional. Many people can not understand why homosexuals are not satisfied with civil unions

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1127 words - 5 pages According to Joe messerli in”should same sex marriage be legalized” ( denying gay couples the right to marry is a violation of religious freedom. Civil and religious marriages are two separate institutions. The First Amendment in the bill of rights states that “ There shall be no law respecting an establishment of religion. Therefor denying homosexual citizens the right to get married is a violation of the United States

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756 words - 3 pages , but itcould even improve it. The right to marry is a fundamental human right, a right that homosexualsdeserve as much as anyone.Works CitedCummings, Eric. Personal Interview. 12 Feb. 2002.Homosexual (Same-Sex) Marriages & Civil Unions. 12 Dec. 2001. Ontario Consultants onReligious Tolerance (OCRT). 16 Feb. 2002 .Same-Sex Parenting. 5 Jan. 2002. Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance (OCRT). 16 Feb.2002 .What Does the Bible Say About Same-Sex Marriage?. Christian Answers. 14 Feb. 2002.

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600 words - 2 pages private and public commitment of love and support by adult couples." They claim that laws against same-sex marriages are a violation of human rights. The attitude is that homosexual or not, they are still human beings and should be treated fairly like any other being. Many young adults feel that love is love, and anyone who is in love should be allowed to marry.The Campaign for California Families (CCF), however, has a quite different point of view


1493 words - 6 pages homosexual unions, although these unions are generally called registered partnerships rather than marriages.Homosexual marriages are not recognized by any state in the United States, and more than 30 states have passed laws that deny recognition of same-sex marriages obtained in other states, in case a state should decide to legalize such marriages. But a growing number of local governments and private corporations have implemented domestic partnership

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