Homosexuality: A Pesky Problem Essay

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It is a sad sight indeed to walk throughout our magnificent towns and cities and find our eyes settle upon blights of the landscape. These childless, unnatural, and frightening “people”, who turn a keen eye upon those of the same sex, are a smudge upon our otherwise immaculate canvas. Many of those who count their profession amongst science have shined a privy light upon this queer behavior, and their findings are quite consistent, specifically that there is something not quite “right” with such folk. Yet, this deviant behavior has not gone unnoticed. In overwhelming fashion, “normal” people have come out in droves to combat this bizarre section of our society. It must be inferred, therefore, that homosexuality is, to phrase it quite simply, unnatural. In fact, homosexuality is as, if not more, unconventional as such oddities as eyeglasses, unsafe sex, polyester, and even the dramatic danger of jogging, all of which assault our senses on a regular basis. But of these curious entities, homosexuality is the most dangerous to our way of life. It is with this understanding that I propose we allocate much of our time and resources to studying the consequences involved and finding a cure for this ailment.

Imagine, if you will, the idea of an infertile couple, or two elderly people in a relationship, both of which provide an example of unions that are unable to create children. If we were to allow homosexuality to run rampant, and do not hinder the homosexual community’s advances toward civil rights and marriages, it might spark the rise of such infertile couples and elderly relationships. Through our lack of condemnation, we might bring about a wave of people who are unable, or perhaps refuse, to procreate. The very essence of a union is the thought that the two parties will eventually reproduce and contribute to society. If this leave this illness unhindered our world will fall drastically ill and our already sparsely populated planet will suffer a sharp decline. The once abstract fear of our eventual extinction may well become justified, as we can assume that more and more people will succumb to this drain on our society.

However, this is not the sole reason for disdain over these unions; I also submit that many believe such marriages and couples would ruin the sanctity of marriage, subsequently making everyone’s marriage less meaningful. Brittany Spears’ fifty-five hour marriage, and Kim Kardashian’s seventy-two day relationship, which stand as pillars of strength for the unbroken temple that is ‘marriage’, would crumble and crack under the pressure of the added mass of homosexual unions. Lisa and Mary, even if they were blissfully together for many years, would provide an ethical weight that would far exceed the standing strength of the institution of marriage. Besides, marriage has been around in an unchanged state for almost all of humankind’s existence, excluding, of course, divorce, the idea of women as property, and interracial...

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