Homosexuality And The Right To Form A Family

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Throughout history people who manifested an attraction for others of the same sex usually have gone through a lot of maltreatments, discrimination, and have often been regarded as “sexual deviants.” Relationships between people of the same sex have been present since the beginning of history. Their lives have not always been easy, because they have been persecuted and sometimes even forced to go through a psychiatric evaluation. At the same time, in order to gain their rights and dignity, they had to take their fight to the legal system because as George Chauncey, a professor of history at Yale University mentioned, “although most people recognize that gay life was difficult before growth of the gay movement in the 1970s, they often have only the vaguest sense of why: that gay people were scorned and ridiculed, made to feel ashamed, afraid, and alone” (290). However, discrimination and maltreatment were not the only reasons homosexuals had to take their struggle to the courts. An American professor of history at Yale University, who has testified in a number of gay rights cases, has exposed the ins and outs of the legal system in the second half of the twentieth century. During this time, a great number of states had created laws, which authorized the indefinite detention of homosexuals in mental institutions, and conditioned their release upon proving that they were cured from homosexuality (Chauncey 294). This past history, together with studies conducted by some prestigious institutions have lead society to understand that the right to homosexual marriage is economically, ethically, and morally correct, because it would benefit the economy and society by increasing the federal budget and creating a legal status for homosexual couples and their adopted children.
According to the United States Code, marriage is the legal union between a man and a woman, but this notion is gradually changing as more states overturn this concept and as a result a new, more inclusive, concept of marriage is being created. Those who oppose gay marriage state that the main purpose of marriage is procreation, but as Katha Pollitt, an American poet and essayist, says “as many have pointed out, the law permits marriage to the infertile, the elderly, the impotent and those with no wish to procreate” (570). At the same time, even though it is biologically impossible for a gay couple to procreate, adoption remains as a possibility to form a fully functional family. Pollitt also pointed out, when analyzing straight marriage through history it is possible for someone to realize that a gay marriage is a more romantic and happier union (Pollitt 571). Additionally, the Congressional Budget Office analyzed the possible impact of same sex marriage recognition by the government and found there would be a positive impact on the budget, if the federal government takes such action. However, this recognition would also affect several statutory provisions in which marriage is a key...

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