Homosexuality And The Theories On Divinity

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“And we will see how Godless of a nation we have become,” (Armstrong). Today’s society has beckoned upon the revival and renewal of several laws mandated by men and women who think they have comprehended what God deems as righteous and sinful. The older populations of adults see homosexuality as sin, where one person cannot love another of the same gender without them being damned to Hell, whereas the younger population addresses the need for love and happiness among any and all groups of people. Saint Thomas Aquinas’s states these ideas and what God wants based on his theories. Aquinas’s ultimate goal was to achieve ultimate happiness within form of a divine afterlife with his God, and he has generated theories and models for others to follow to reach this goal. In this paper I plan on explaining Aquinas’s view on homosexuality in comparison to the Bible’s by using the Summa Theologiae, the Theory of Natural Laws, and the Divine Command Theory.
It seems that a day does not go by that a new law is being passed or a new thought is being conceived about homosexuality in world and the morality behind it. Gay marriage and homosexual oppression can be compared to other culture and ethnic groups that have been shunned away from society based on their beliefs and practices. There are many arguments for and against gay marriage, some of them being out of ignorance and other arguments being actually debatable with genuine worries backed behind them. Saint Thomas Aquinas did not look at the homosexual individual so closely rather the divine laws surrounding them. For example, in the Summa Theologiae, one of the statements is the Proof of Causality (Feser 63). Aquinas states that everything that God has created has a purpose. Looking at this in simplified terms, the purpose of a pen is to write. The sole reason it was brought into creation was for note-taking or writing of some sorts. If the pen, for whatever reason, is faulty or breaks then most people would just throw it away. Where this is not as simple, is looking at individuals who cannot fulfill their purpose within the parameters of their species. By Aquinas’s other statement, God is the unmoved mover, he has control over every one of his creations (Feser 63). So what about other people who are having sex just for pleasure without intention of reproducing – the ones who use some type of contraceptives for example? And then, what can be done about the males and females who are infertile, or cannot bear children for whatever reason? Should they be damned or stoned for their inability, yet God made them this way? These are all questions that have been addressed countless times by many different sorts of people that which comes to the obvious conclusion: to further the human species, there must be reproduction. To expand this argument to gay marriage, Rachels discusses a conservative Christian group “Focus on the Family” that pushes the idea that homosexuality will result in the destruction of society...

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