Homosexuality: Is It A Choice? (Pro)

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Homosexuality: Is It A Choice? (Pro)
The term homosexual originated in 1892, to describe two people of the same gender that were attracted to each other. All though Homosexual behavior between species has been dated back to the beginning of time. Today in the United States based on Population surveys more then eight-million adults alone in the U.S are homosexual. Many people believe that Homosexuality is a scientific, and is no more of a choice then the color of your skin. Crystal Dixon , former Human Resources Administrator of The University of Toledo, who was fired after stating her beliefs in Toledo free press explains that “ Gay is not the new black, Gay is about sex and genitalia, people we call gay make choices about what they do with their genitals, blacks do not make choices about their color of their skin.”

That being said homosexuality is a choice, having an attraction to the other gender may be able to be explained by scientific principles, but the people you involve yourself with romantically and/or sexually is your choice.

Many people argue that one DNA decides when they are born if they are heterosexual or not. Under this statement homosexuals would be given the same rights as heterosexual's because its not their decision in what gender they prefer. This argument is hardly debatable though because research has shown very little relationship between genetics and homosexuality. Studies have been recently taken, using DNA Microarray technology. These studies have failed to find any gene that may cause homosexuality. Even if there was a gene that caused someone to be homosexual, it would be exterminated rapidly because it wouldn't be able to reproduce.

Many people also say homosexuality is caused by a hormone imbalance in the brain. Many studies have shown that possible hormone differences may affect sexuality.
Despite being a valid argument, the studies that were taken were actually contradictory because they never measured the hormone levels of anyone. They just used proxies for hormonal influences without direct proof that these were the true balances or imbalances. Much earlier studies showed a difference in the brain between heterosexual & homosexuals, but this is most likely related to the outbreak of AIDs which caused a difference in the brains, no larger control groups were ever conducted.

Gene's & hormones and the brain have no scientific evidence currently, that someone is born homosexual. A person's culture and environment chooses what they find attractive, in the U.S a large portion of men find females breast very attractive, but in some other cultures breast are seen as just part of the body no different then your brain or knees. Throughout history marriages have been based off of economical needs, and in some tribal cultures gay relationships have often been thought to be sacred.

A person's sexuality's can change very easily, based on their environment, family, religion, or even...

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