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Homosexuality Deviance Behavior In Society By Look At Functionalist Perspective

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INTRODUCTIONLiberals hold that freedom is a fundamental value, and that the just state ensures freedom for individuals. Liberal feminists share this view, and insist on freedom for women. The disagreement among liberals about what freedom means which is that, liberal feminism takes more than one form. It discusses two basic kinds of liberal feminism. The first which is that it discusses is in the philosophical literature that is commonly called simply liberal feminism. Liberal feminism conceives of freedom as personal autonomy, living a life of one's own choosing and political autonomy, being co-author of the conditions under which one lives. Secondly that discusses what is commonly called classical-liberal feminism, or sometimes libertarian feminism. Classical-liberal or libertarian feminism conceives of freedom as freedom from coercive interference. While liberal feminism is established in academic philosophy, much of the classical-liberal or libertarian feminist literature is oriented towards a more popular audience.1. Liberal FeminismLiberal feminism conceives of freedom as personal autonomy, living a life of one's own choosing and political autonomy, being co-author of the conditions under which one lives. Liberal feminists hold that the exercise of personal autonomy depends on certain enabling conditions that are insufficiently present in women's lives, or that social arrangements often fail to respect women's personal autonomy and other elements of women's flourishing. They hold also that women's needs and interests are insufficiently reflected in the basic conditions under which they live, and that those conditions lack legitimacy because women are inadequately represented in the processes of democratic self-determination. Liberal feminists hold that autonomy deficits like these are due to the gender system (Okin 1989).According to the statement above these justify that the patriarchal nature of inherited traditions and institutions, and that the women's movement should work to identify and remedy them. As the protection and promotion of citizen's autonomy is the appropriate role of the state on the liberal view, liberal feminists hold that the state can and should be the women's movement's ally in promoting women's autonomy. There is disagreement among liberal feminists, however, about the role of personal autonomy in the good life, the appropriate role of the state, and how liberal feminism is to be justified.1.1 Personal AutonomyLiberal feminists hold that women should enjoy personal autonomy. That is, they hold that women should live lives of their own choosing. Some offer procedural accounts of personal autonomy. Women should enjoy personal autonomy means they are entitled to a broad range of autonomy-enabling conditions. On this view, the women's movement should work to identify and promote these conditions. Identifying these enabling conditions requires careful attention to the particular ways in which autonomy deficits are...

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