Homosexuality In College Essay

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Have you ever wondered how it would feel to be hated for something that was perfectly normal to yourself or denied an opportunity because of a personal choice that does not hurt or even affect anybody else? Homosexuals are often facing either or both.

Homosexuality is a topic that is stumbled upon in college. Many people "come out of the closet" when entering a certain stage in their life that they are comfortable with. I have never been in that situation, but have been fascinated with the subject. When people think "oh, he is so gay," they are not only hurting the feelings of someone, but could also be discriminating against them because that person is in fact "Gay."

The amount of information about homosexuality in college is getting wider coverage and more interest. There are support systems in numerous Universities. Here at Syracuse University we have the Pride Union that reaches out to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender students. They hold meetings every Wednesday from 9:00 pm to 10:00 pm and these meeting are open to anyone who wishes to attend, regardless of their sexual orientation. Colleges are trying to make homosexuality more open on campuses. People should be aware that not everyone is heterosexual but there is nothing wrong with homosexuals. They are all people just like you and I. 59.6% of homosexuals are college graduates and 49% hold a professional or managerial position (inoohr).

These days, there are many programs geared for homosexuals especially in the college campuses. There is the Gay and Lesbian Week in October, homosexual organizations, homosexual fraternities and sororities, seminars given to students about homosexuality, and there are some schools that give classes designed towards homosexuals and non-homosexuals. Many people though are still very narrow-minded and do not get the concept of people being different than them. It is unfortunate that there are people so ignorant and can not except homosexuals.

There are some stereotypes deep-rooted in our society. Some patterns of behavior and mannerisms are "labeled" as effeminate. Often, people with such behaviors are ridiculed or laughed upon and the assumption is that they are gay. The "macho" attitude often equates gays with good taste over clothes or decoration. This is not true; the stereotype is in it of itself so false that is absurd. However, the net result is often that those professions or trades are avoided by straight people who are afraid of being labeled by society. Homosexuality is a less common behavior or preference, but not every person that has a bad childhood and is picked on has a child becomes homosexual. Doctors now are thinking that it may be a genetic trait. In identical twins, the frequency of observing homosexual behavior in both children is about 60%. In non-identical twins the frequency is 22%. (Dowling College).

I had a friend in high school who told me a story that I never forgot. His name was Joey and Joey had a best...

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