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Homosexuality, Is It A Choice? Essay

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The issue of young children and teens and any form of variant sexuality has been a controversial topic for many, many years. Whether it be gay students, friends with gay parents, gay clubs in public schools, adoption, or most important in my opinion, child molestation, both the pro-gay and anti-gay communities have had much to say about these controversial topics at hand. For some reason when a topic of discussion involves children (anyone not of legal age), everyone's opinions just sort of leap out of their mouths. They may not have an opinion of gays in the military, gay adoption, or abortion, but most people voice out loud their stance on gays and children.According to a study done by GLSEN: the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network, 61% of people feel that gays and children is the most important topic when discussing homosexuality. ( I feel the same way because young kids are still being formed mentally and their thought processes are still able to be manipulated and shaped into the person they will be for the rest of their lives. Pro-gay advocates believe that homosexuality is biological and that children are predisposed genetically to their sexual orientations; that it is a predetermined 'fate', not a choice. The anti-gay supporters believe in almost the polar opposite; that children can be taught or influenced to be gay or lesbian and that they are responsible for their sexual orientation outcome.The thing I find most compelling about both arguments is that no one ever really knows the truth about how someone becomes homosexual. There's been this whole tug-of-war over who's right when it comes to determining people's behavior and why some children/teens turn out gay, but there's usually never a winner and the kids are the one's who end up getting hurt in the process. If you ask a homosexual teenager how he became gay, the most common response is that he/she always knew deep inside that they were a homosexual but they just always repressed those feelings because that wasn't acceptable in their families, or by their peers. Some children fear being ridiculed or discriminated and harassed because of their sexual orientation and choose to never come out as being a homosexual. Positive organizations such as PFLAG, GLSEN and the formation of GSA's in schools make being a homosexual much easier and more acceptable ( This brings me to another controversial discussion that affects children of all school ages: Are GSA's a positive thing for children and middle to high school kids?GSA's (gay-straight alliances) are student ran organizations that promote equality, fairness, and education about minority sexual orientations. I believe these are positive for gay, lesbian, and bi-sexual kids because they try to bridge the divisions between people of all sexual orientations as well as provide a safe environment for younger kids who feel they might be harassed because their peers see them as "fags" or...

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