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Homosexuality Is Not A Choice I Was Asked To Write Essays For Each Side Of A Controversial Topic. I Chose Homosexuality. This Essay Is In Support Of Homosexuality.

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Many people seem to have a problem with homosexuals. Many homosexuals experience bullying during their life and are caused to repress their homosexual feelings or urges. They are made to feel guilty about being different from those around them when, in actuality, they cannot control these homosexual thoughts. Many homosexuals would agree that homosexuality is not a choice that one makes. In fact, if homosexuality was a choice, many homosexuals would most likely choose to be heterosexual just to avoid all of the stereotypes and discrimination that comes with being gay (Holloway). With that said, one should not "punish" another because of their sexuality. Being homosexual is as natural to gay people as being heterosexual is to straight people. Homosexuals cannot change who they were born to be because homosexuality is not a choice; it is inevitable.Most homosexuals would support my theory that homosexuality is something that homosexuals have no choice over. A friend of mine that happens to be a homosexual agrees with me. His name is Kedrick Holloway and he has been openly gay for about six years now. He reported to me that he remembers always being "different" (Holloway). He even stated that, as a small child, he remembers enjoying activities commonly associated with the opposite sex, such as dolls and toy ovens, and playing jump rope, "house," and hopscotch (Holloway). He also remembers being extremely close to, or clingy, towards his mother. He remembers holding the title as, "Mommy's Little Helper" (Holloway). He was the little boy that would have preferred to help his mother in the kitchen or go shopping with her than to play kickball or wrestle outside with the other little boys. I believe that everyone can identify with having known a little boy that matched this description. By the time he reached elementary school age, he felt like the outcast. This was around the time that bullying began and cliques started to form. His clique consisted of all girls because they were the ones that understood him and made him feel most comfortable (Holloway). Females were the ones that he could relate to and that accepted him. Most of the males in his age group were not as understanding and welcoming him because he carried himself in a delicate manner (Holloway). Because he seemed to be more "in touch" with his feminine side than the other boys on the playground, he was teased and bullied. The other boys at school, even some of the older ones, called him a "faggot," a derogatory word directed towards homosexuals, and a punk. He even experienced some physical abuse. He was constantly pushed and tripped in the hallways of the school and on the playground. He was too embarrassed to tell his parents about the abuse and when he complained to his teachers the boys would receive punishment that did not exceed a slap on the wrist or a simple timeout or detention (Holloway). These punishments would only help to fuel these young boys' rage (Holloway). This meant more...

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2251 words - 9 pages by our genetic make-up. This view sees life as a kind of unfolding drama, where each period of a person's life is predetermined'. (Reverend, Buchanan, 2000),In today's society, the question has arisen of homosexuality being a choice or being pre-programmed into the body. While some members of society believed that homosexuality is not a choice, but rather a function of genetic code, most considered it just because of personal choice and existing


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957 words - 4 pages hormone this could cause the person to be same sex oriented. Animal Studies have shown that stress during pregnancy can affect the concentration of male hormone in the brain of the fetus and lead to "feminization of the offspring" However, the actual amount of sexual hormones does not determine whether one is straight or gay.Personally, I hope modern science can find the reason behind homosexuality before I die. One does not understand what it would mean for a gay person to actually know why he came out different. I feel as if society should have a better understanding of homosexuality and it not being a choice. However, living in rural Ohio this is highly unlikely.

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1201 words - 5 pages challenged to truly show "agape" (unconditional) love to people with beliefs different from hers. She is striving to recognize the preciousness of every person from God's point of view (e.g. parable of the Lost Sheep: Matthew 18:12-14) and to obey one the greatest commandments: "Love each other as I have loved you" (John 15:12).Karen and I are both sensing a need to be more active in educating people (one-on-one) on the truths regarding homosexuality. We do need to be careful to not come across as a "clanging cymbal" (1 Corinthians 13), but instead to look to Jesus for our example and rely on His Spirit within us to love people in a compassionate and authentic way.

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1493 words - 6 pages deviant condition. More recently, scientists have searched for a biological explanation of sexual orientation. A study published in 1993 sought to identify a genetic marker for sexual orientation. The research, which did not include a cross section of the population, was inconclusive.During the first half of the 20th century, attitudes toward homosexuality were overwhelmingly negative. Homosexual activities were hidden and spoken of only in

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