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Homosexuals Are Humans Too Essay

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Fundamental rights that belong to an individual that the government may not interfere with are human rights. The person you chose to love should not be the government’s decision. The government shouldn’t deny you the right of marriage just because you want to be with someone of the same sex. Someone’s sexual orientation shouldn’t prevent them from getting married, being able to adopt children, or be the cause of not having any other rights that a straight person would have.
Marriage is defined as a legal union that forms a familial bond. Marriage is just a title that a couple can have that shows how devoted and inlove they are with each other. Why is it so wrong that two people of the same sex would want to have that title? Some may say that marriage has a big part with religion. The bible says that a marriage is a sacred bond between a man and a woman. There are many different types of religions and everyone who wants to get married regardless of their religion can (if they are straight). In America one of our human rights is freedom of religion.(Sadowski). Now why is just one religion (Christianity) affecting the reason why two people can’t get married? Not saying that everyone who is gay doesn’t have a religion, just saying that gays are humans like everyone else. They deserve the rights and privileges that everyone else has. If marriage was so sacred then why do we have divorce? These ideas of a perfect union between man and woman are out dated. If two people show that they deeply care about each other enough to commit their life to one another then they should be able to get married. When it comes to parenting “two parents are better than one good parent, but one good parent is better than two bad parents. And gender makes no difference” (Pappas, Stephanie).
50 percent of pregnancies are not planned. These couples who have unplanned pregnancies are unprepared for a child. Those who feel like they are not ready for a child in their life will give it up for adoption. If a baby doesn’t get adopted soon then it will spend it’s time in foster care until someone decides to choose it. If homosexuals were able to adopt that will give a stronger chance for kids to get out of foster care and into a loving environment. If a person decides they are ready for a child and makes a life commitment to raising one why would you so no to them? Every child deserves to live in a good stable loving home. If two women or men wanted to add an addition to their family then they should be able to. Now being raised by two homosexuals will not corrupt the youth. Homosexuality is not a disease; you cannot just pass it on to another person it cannot be caught or cured (Clinton, Hilary). It is something you are just...

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