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“Homosexuals Want To Gain Their Right To Be Married. They Also Want To Be Legally Allowed To Adopt Children. To What Extend Do You Agree With The Above? ”

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ENG 211ENGLISH COMPOSITIONARGUMENTATIVE ESSAY"Homosexuals want to gain their right to be married. They also want to be legally allowed to adopt children. To what extend do you agree with the above? "Recently the Greek Justice Department issued a new law which gives the possibility, to heterosexual couples only, to live together without getting married, by signing a contract which will provide them with all the marital rights that can protect their life and prosperity. The specific law covers all issues as divorces, children out of marriage and the right of each member to bare both surnames. It is considered to be a great step for society, as it seems that many people in our days all over the world have changed their lifestyle, avoiding religion and its strict commands about marriage. But what about homosexuals? We may pretend that we don't see them, but this does not mean that they do not exist and live among us; they live everywhere around us: friends, family, colleagues, just like any other people. According to very reliable statistics, almost 4% of the global population (approx. 250 million people), are homosexuals (1). Other countries have issued laws like the above which apply to them as well. Why didn't the Greek Justice Department do the same? Is it fair that the law does not apply to them as well? Why cannot they have their fair share in equality and welfare?Ancient Greeks seemed to have no problem with homosexuality, since we have many reports of it in the ancient scriptures and we know that they favoured homosexuality among people for many reasons. Even in the army, they believed that soldiers could protect each other better if there was some kind of closer relationship than a friendly one. Nevertheless, modern Greeks as well as other people around the world seem to be enough hostile to homosexual people. Although homosexuality stopped being prosecuted in Greece as an illegal act since the 50's, 79,9% of the Greeks considered gays and their relationships a criminal offence, according to a 1983 survey. (1). Despite things may have changed during the recent decade, homosexuals still have to hide their uniqueness, facing many difficulties and discrimination in their work environment because of it and being laughed at, while pressure and discrimination in other aspects of life from their social surrounding leads them in many cases to psychological problems. They deal with many kinds of problems, from financial issues to when it comes to becoming acknowledged by others as couples or trying to place a child under their protection by adopting, although many of them have proven to be very successful and wonderful people in the present as well as in the past days.In my opinion, it is not that they cannot make it as partners or parents. In many cases, homosexuals can manage in their personal lives as well as in their professional activities better than "ordinary" people do (2). Many successful people, such as artists, businessmen etc. have...

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