Honda Civic And Habib Masala Mix Consumer Behavior Report

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2008LSEYasir Saeed, M. Omar Sardar, Tashfeen Warraich[CONSUMER BEHAVIOR FINAL]This report consists of two products, Honda Civic Reborn and Habib Masala Mix along with their marketing and communicational strategies plus with additional consumer behavior concepts found in their print ads and in their target market segment. It is submitted to Miss Sara Hassan, instructor of Consumer Behavior, Section B, BBA - II Lahore School of EconomicsMarketing Mix - Habib Masala MixProductHabib Masala Mix. A new diversification strategy into the foods sector of Pakistan by Habib Oil Mills. Competitors for this product are National, Shan, Ronaq etc.PriceSpecial introductory price of 20 Rs. Habib Oil Mills is using market penetration strategy to capture the initial market share. The competitors already have over 20 Rs. Price, some charging 22 Rs. while others 25 Rs. for the same product.PromotionHabib Oil mills are using traditional ways of promoting their product via ATL and BTL methods. ATL includes Bill Boards and TV Commercials where ladies are shown dancing to the joy of cooking and using this masala mix product. The food culture of Pakistan loved by housewives fond of cooking is reflected in their TVCs.PlacementAvailable at all small general stores to big sized retailers and whole salers of Pakistan, e.g Metro, Makro etc.DemographicsAccording to Wikipedia, Pakistan's 15-64 years old female population is just over 46 million. This is almost 56.9%. It is a huge market share and a great potential for Habib Oil Mills. Their main market are housewives and females. Out of these 46 million, at least 20 million are capable enough to purchase and afford this product.Target MarketMiddle class to Higher Class. Targeted to those housewives/people who want ease of cooking, instead of buying spices form the market, and crushing them to be made, this readymade product is available for feasibility to save cooking a great deal of time.IncomeThis is not a low class product; hence those families having at least Rs. 10000 monthly expenditure on food accessories would have a high chance to buy this. According to the SEC Grid, people in A1, and A2 would be definitely using this product. However there is also a likely chance of people in B category to buy it for it is not an expensive product.VALSThe VALS segments for this product are Actualisers and Achievers. For Actualisers, they are successful, sophisticated, active and take charge people with high self esteem and abundant resources. By the advertisement of TV commercial, Habib Masala Mix is targeting this same market segment.Household Decision making process in buying this product1.Information gathererUsually when out for shopping, housewives are keen to gather information on different crockery, grocery and food related items. Which is the best quality? Which should I buy? How much money should be left after buying this product? These are just some of the questions that come to their minds when gathering the information....

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