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Honest Advertising: A Privilege Of Utopia

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Imagine it is the end of another stressful day at work, you take the 5 pm subway across town, finally, home. You sit down on the nice leather couch, broken in by the years of use. Engulfed by the warmth and comfort that you have succumbed to so many times before. You click on the T.V, expecting to hear the Channel 2 News, but first, commercials. Mindless gulps of information that go by way too fast to make sense. These commercials that you are exposed to, for hours in a week, for days in a year. How does this relate to you? They are advertisements; something that is synonymously irrelevant to your life. Prepare to be bombarded with an idea that will blow your mind.
In the 21st century, advertising has become a topic so unique to its audience that it really is all about YOU. In more professional terms, “Advertising is the paid, impersonal, one-way marketing of persuasive information from an identified sponsor disseminated through channels of mass communication to promote the adoption of goods, services or ideas. ” (UNCP). It is created for every viewer, and has acclimated in that sense. Over the course of the past century, advertising has grown significantly and differs in many ways. As a result of this adaptation, two major strategies emerged; Honest advertising and Subliminal advertising. These two contradict each other by the virtue of their many characteristics and is arduous to establish which of them is more favorable in society. “Hence, the purpose of advertising is to assist the consumer to make informed-purchase decision by creating awareness about product. ” (Mahapatra). Honest advertising grasps the overall goal of marketing in a much more practical method because it provides many perks to society opposed to subliminal advertising.

Allow me to set the stage. . . A majority of the advertisements that are aired on public television in the 21st century are based around the psychological influence of the viewer. All methods of advertising are alike in this fashion, however some tend to go far past the moral limits. This is an example of Subliminal advertising. In essence, subliminal advertising is not the result of an evil economist plotting against humanity but rather the development of society in a specific direction that leads to this. A professor at Leeds University Business School mentioned in her paper, “Brands have evolved to represent much more than the traditional markers of quality, trust and reliability to consumers" (Carroll). This infers that the use of subliminal advertising has created the movement of lacking quality, and integrity due to the inadequacy of truthful statements. This is damaging to society because it focuses too much on the reaction of the viewer and takes away from the nature of advertising.

By using the subliminal method, marketers violate the basis of advertising by exploiting the leverage it has on public opinion. Advertising has been a tool utilized for centuries in order to provide the...

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