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HONESTY When I think of someone's reputation, I usually first think of his or her honesty and how trustworthy they are. If someone tells another person they can trust him or her, then they mean that the person is someone who tells the truth, keeps their word, and does whatever they say they are going to do. When I decide whether or not I want to be a friend to someone I judge them on how trustworthy there are.Honesty is a good characteristic of anyone's reputation, and one that should be valued very much. Honesty is usually a good reputation's greatest possession, as well as its greatest armor for staying good. Whatever other good traits someone possesses, they do not help the reputation without being honest. Someone may be smart, friendly, hardworking, and determined, but all those qualities are wasted by lying. It is important to be honest because if someone is honest I can always trust what they say and rely on them. If someone is not truthful then it is difficult to trust them and rely on them. Honesty is important like in the story of the boy who cried wolf. He cried wolf many times when there actually was no wolf and the villagers began to take all his cries as jokes. Then one day when a wolf had actually come and the boy cried wolf none believed him. I try to be honest because I want people to be able to trust me and rely on me. I know that no one tells the truth all the time and when someone does lie they have to continuously lie to keep up the first lie. When I do lie I have to live with a conscience that is filled with thoughts. When I don't lie I have a clear conscience and feel good about my self. Lying like any other habit starts with very little...

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academic honesty Essay

1422 words - 6 pages PAGE Importance of Maintaining Academic HonestyAbstract:This paper has been written to showcase the importance of practicing Academic Honesty in one's life; it manly focuses on the advantages and the good points of following it, tells about the ways how it can really motivate students and help them to be a good human being. It also tells about the practices being followed in this area and how they are prevailing and what are the steps that

honesty in medicine Essay

655 words - 3 pages When we discuss about the honesty in medicine, there will be multitudinous facts regarding this topic. First things first. Honesty in medicine is a fundamental pillar as well as cornerstone of our profession as a doctor who works in medical field. Honesty plays a crucial role in the field of medicine. In medicine, we are often the one who deliver the brutal honesty to our patients. In order to relieve the fears and anxieties of the patients

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1647 words - 7 pages use of honesty tests for prospective employers, which would aim at flushing out potential troublemakers.Honesty tests also measure an applicant's tendency toward drug use and violence. All three categories: honesty, drugs, and violence play are key role in companies' losses according to the makers of these tests. A company's loss can be huge when taking into consideration compound problems, such as the cost of employee drug use in terms of

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704 words - 3 pages Honesty Is The Best Policy The main message of his presentation was to teach the class the importance of Honesty. He pointed out that there are several different aspects of honesty. The common misconception is that honesty only involves not telling a lie. This is not the case as Brett pointed out, honesty involves telling your friends the truth even if it means hurting their feeling, having academic integrity, and acting in good faith.The first

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622 words - 2 pages out wanting to overthrow the idea of the honor system at the University's. It states "Our honor system routinely rewards cheaters and punishes honesty." This statement could be true, but according to the research the authors have put together, the University's with the Honor code rituals had a smaller percentage of students cheating. It makes sense to say that it punishes students that are honest, because they make bad grades when they don't

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1175 words - 5 pages makes him conform with the majority of society. Most people are dishonest. They sacrifice their honesty to fit in with the rest. This is not always a bad thing, for there would be many people with hurt feelings if everyone in this world went around pointing out the minor faults of others.Nick's relationship with Jordan offers an interesting twist to this story, as well. It mirrors the minds of many lovers, torn between self-involvement and love

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994 words - 4 pages Honesty can be defined as free of deceit and untruthfulness; sincere. In Shakespeare’s play, “Othello”, honesty has a very ironic pat. The theme of this play is basically all about honesty and trust. Throughout “Othello” you will be able to notice the irony of how honesty is used. It all begins when Othello put Michael Cassio, who is not as experienced of a soldier as lieutenant over Iago. Iago is very jealous of Cassio and has hatred


3414 words - 14 pages Truth and Honesty in the MediaIn a world surrounded by mass media, we depend on truthful and honest information to form accurate conceptions of current events and issues. Journalists, editors, producers and broadcasters should do their best to convey information that reflects the truth. Truth and the public's right to information should be the basic foundation for all journalists. One reason for the importance of truth in the media is that it

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807 words - 3 pages What is honesty? To me honesty is to tell the truth and not to lie to others and be fair. Honesty is a good quality trait for someone to have which tells a lot about their personality. Honesty is a characteristic that I have because of hearing in school about being honest, the experience I had as a child, and most important the example my parents gave me. There are many factors that led me to develop the characteristics of being honest

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951 words - 4 pages “Honesty is the best policy,” this well know statement not even followed by it’s preachers nowadays holds close to no value in the minds of most today. Honesty seems to have faded to the back of our minds allowing us to forget of its importance and find justification in every lie we tell, and not until a lie generates a negative effect will it be deemed unjustified and immoral.Truth throughout time has been deemed highly respected

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1223 words - 5 pages age. I will without a doubt use these skills in many future endeavors of life. I found this class to be helpful in everyday life as well as in the classroom setting. Everyone could benefit from have skills to doing research online. From this class I will take five main lessons with me as I journey through my studies at Axia College. These skills are as follows: conducting successful library and internet searches, upholding academic honesty

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Honesty Essay

625 words - 3 pages HONESTY It is not usually in a person's nature to be honest. Honesty does not come naturally but it can be developed. Honesty is necessary for the survival of a person in a group of people and to prevent possible conflict. Honesty makes it possible for people to live together. Some people seem to be honest to those they are close to but dishonest to outsiders. Their dishonesty hits so many others that it effects the entire society

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538 words - 2 pages Honesty Last year I saw something that shocked me. I was so flabbergasted when I read about a nationwide survey titled "The Day America Told the Truth" 93% of Americans admitted that they lie "regularly and habitually" at work and 35% admitted they have had or were currently having an affair which they were keeping secret from their mates. Lying is saying or withholding information in order to manipulate someone's opinion of you. The fact is

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1879 words - 8 pages Essay on Honesty Imagine this: You are at a MacDonald's drive through. You have ordered only one cheese burger, but when you drive up to the collection window, the young trainee hands you a big bag filled with food and a handful of change. There are two options, do you, A; tell the young trainee that you only ordered a cheese burger, (which costed you only $1.90) and give back to him the big bag of food and handful of change? Or do you

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822 words - 3 pages Defining Honesty Winston Churchill once said, "Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing had happened." Everyone has in mind that honesty is being truthful in everything. Honesty is the most important thing a person should possess. He should adhere to till his death. Then