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Honey Maid Has A Pretty Cool Reply To All The Haters Of Its Ultra Inclusive Ad

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Marketing Strategy
Target Market Strategy
Based on the research of Coffeeberry and situation analysis, the core customers are nearby residents and students from University of La Verne. Therefore, the volume of customers is roughly around 5000. Coffeeberry is located in old town La Verne, and right next to University of La Verne. The very basic reason why Coffeeberry pick up this location is because it is a downtown area and a lot of businesses are centered here, where people living nearby and students from the university hang out. The competitors, who also offer coffee products, including Circle K, Starbucks, McDonald’s and Miss Donut & Bagel, etc.
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According to some research to observe the customer behavior and found that the main purchase type is through cash, because of small amount transaction for a coffee.
Based on research of Coffeeberry, and at the same time, we also did a few interviews with customers of Coffeeberry. Kevin Marshall, business professor from ULV, said a lot of professors would like to hang out and drink a cup of coffee before class begins. Many of professors even set up meetings with students instead of classroom or library but in Coffeeberry because the atmosphere is leisure and comfortable, which make the conversation more relax. Coffeeberry provides a perfect place with great taste of coffee, snacks and free WI-FI. It is the best place for them to either discuss study, business or just chitchat. Another interviewee was Yang Wang, an international student from China, who was in MBA program. Wang said that he really enjoyed the coffee in Coffeeberry. He liked drinking coffee and he was always seeking good-taste while reasonable coffee shop. He also said that the coffee in Starbucks is too expensive for an international student without an income in the US. Coffee product in Coffeeberry is very reasonable and tasty, it was the best choice for students like him.
There is an interview with the owner of Coffeeberry, he gave us 3 important key factors that affect small local food and drink business while he was making the marketing plan of Coffeeberry.
1. Location: It decides how large the market is going to be and what type of customers will be the main portion. Good location can also bring more profits and potential customers. Like the location of Coffeeberry, it can take advantage of ULV. It is convenient for Students of ULV.
2. Product: Good and extinguished products can attract more customers and keep them royally to your business. People are always seeking good product even sometimes it costs more. The products in Coffeeberry are different from other shops around the area, and they also have really good quality and low price.
3. Service: Good service is like a name card, it is as important as good product. Customers like to be treated respectful and thoughtful. It can help business build up a very good reputation. The clerks in Coffeeberry are very kind-hearted and nice, they provide customers really good service.

Coffeeberry mainly provides the freshly roasted in house coffee, including fresh whole bean coffee, espresso and cappuccino. There are also Boba milk tea, smoothie, iced blended, mocha, and snacks such as Panini Sandwiches, etc. As the owner of Coffeeberry said that every week they change the roasted coffee bean in order to offer the freshest taste for the customers. The menu contains specialty drinks, specialty coffee, and shaved snow ice, and grilled Panini sandwiches as their main snacks. Their specialty coffee has a variety of choices. For the espresso series, they offer regular espresso, espresso macchiato, espresso con panna, cappuccino...

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