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Honeybees As A Business Opportunity Essay

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“How in the world do annoying bees make money?” I’d like to show you how they relate, honeybees and business. I will cover a few key points that I hope will educate, through education there could be some new brave entrepreneurs created, and relax the public towards the honeybee. Honeybees are safe to own, can make good money, and stabilize the floral ecosystem.
Most people assume any insect is a buzzing stinging nuisance. I agree when it comes to mosquitoes, gnats, and especially wasps, but I am forgiving of honeybees because of how useful they are, and that they are more tolerant of humans than the other insects. Honeybees are not as predatory as the previous listed pests. Honeybees will allow a larger window of “invasion” before they alert scouts to investigate and attack. The more annoying pests have the most predatory behaviors. I found it rather comforting that honeybees are rather docile, when they get riled up they are protecting their territory by stinging perceived “invaders”.
I have fond memories of my youth when I see honeybees lumbering by, flying erratically here and there. In my earlier years, as early as 10 years old, I would help my Grandpa and Grandpa Bos with their apiary (where honeybees are housed often a shed is used) and perform apiculture (which is the care and keeping of bees). In my early 20’s I was considering expanding our apiary into a business that I could run, but the start up cost was more than I could afford at that time. Now that I am older that same start up cost is not as daunting, but I do not have the same amount of time to invest.
In the “normal” world, start up costs for a business can be rather detailed and confusing; you need loans, investors and liens. Beekeeping has a relatively low start up cost and can pay for itself in a rather short time. Some people might scoff at honeybees making any “real” money. You probably wouldn’t have a yacht with “Honey Money” on the back, but you wouldn’t starve either. Besides, we are not talking about Trump money of course, but you could make enough to live on and maybe support a family.
There are some basics you need to get started. These are things you will need to make your job easier. One way to get a “free” hive is by helping people or businesses remove unwanted pesky honeybees from buildings or trees. If you can’t find any “free” colonies than you can purchase honeybees adapted to your climate.
Now that you have your hive you need to give them a home. There are many companies on the internet that specialize in “starter” equipment. Your end cost would be roughly five hundred dollars once you have the tools, protective equipment, and colony. After you acquire your “starter kit” you would need to choose a location for your apiary.
Location is a fundamental to a healthy hive. You want them to be safe from the elements and the pests that are going...

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