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Hong Kong Before And After 1997

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Before 1997, Hong Kong was being the colony of the United Kingdom, politics in Hong Kong is different from the mainland China and it is unique from other countries. After 1997, the sovereignty of Hong Kong is regressed to China, then the Hong Kong politics was under the foundation of ‘One Country Two systems’ and it is regulated by the Basic Low of Hong Kong.

In almost each countries’ political system, political parties would be found. Political parties could divide into two main class which are authoritarian and democratic. They might explore power by-election and social movements. Political parties are usually organized by a group of people who shared the similar ...view middle of the document...

They are mobilization of electors, the collection of interest, exploration of government and providing political leaders. (Ray, 2003) As a result, the development of Political Parties are very important to the Hong Kong politics and democracy. In the following, the similarities and difference of pro-democracy and pro-Beijing will be discussed in terms of several aspects, like the views on each parties towards social welfare, democratic development and so on. Moreover, the remaining parts of the essay will cover whether those parties capable and effective to represent the interest of Hongkongers.

First of all, it is obvious that the pro-democracy camp and the pro-Beijing camp share various political values. The pro-Beijing camps include The Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong, Business and Professional Alliance for Hong Kong, Liberal Parties, and New People’s Parties and so on. The Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong is the major pro-Beijing political parties and it is a well-supplied, wealth and forceful political parties. The Beijing government provides adequate resources to the Democratic Alliance for the Betterment and Progress of Hong Kong. (Lye & Hofmeister et al., 2011) The pro-democracy parties include Democratic Parties, Civic Party, and People power and so on. The major pro-democracy political parties are Democratic Party. They are not supported by the Central China government. They are attach to rights, like freedom of speech, human rights, and achieving an equal and universal suffrage for Hong Kong people. They think Hong Kong should be ready for full democracy in the future.

In some specific issues and stratum, they usually take their own stands or attitudes. The pro-democracy political parties’ attitude or action are more board-minded, intensified and forward-looking. The pro-Beijing political parties’ attitude or actions are relatively conservative and moderate. (Wong & Luen-Tim Lui et al., 2012)

In the aspect of striving for democratic development, the pro-Beijing political parties seems that opposing democracy’s idea and their place is not clear-cut. For example, Hong Kong by-election was held in 2010 which is the 5 constituencies’ referendum. It was proposed by the League of Social Democrats. They would like to use the election as a mean in order to promote the message of universal suffrage and give Hong Kong people a chance to speak out their view. They emphasized on having a democratic reform proposal about the rundown of universal suffrage in Hong Kong. Besides, they would like to breakdown the situation of democratic in the past 20 years. (晨, 2009) In this incident, the pro-democracy parties have taken a leading role to fight for a fair election without any functional constituency and to carry out the universal suffrage. The pro-democracy parties are play an active role during the fight. In the contrary, the pro-Beijing parties said...

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