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Although cannot negate some of its come-along defects, Hong Kong still can be considered one of the nicest countries in term of healthcare. Hong Kong citizens take affordable healthcare as their birthright; Hong Kong expatriates take accessible health care as their secured grant. Although the medical prices and its related costs in Hong Kong are not really cheap, it is still much less expensive than in the United States. As “Price is what you pay; Value is what you get", said Warrant Buffet, in Hong Kong, at least the standard services you get are exactly what you are paying for, with much lower costs.
There are both public and private hospitals available in Hong Kong. The public sector provides majority services for the whole community in general, in which all healthcare services free of charge or for a small fee; while the private sector is of personal choices and is more accessible and higher level of accommodation in-hospital services. The public health system is administrated under the control of Food and Health Bureau. It has the Department of Health and Hospital Authority, their main job is to manage the public medical care. While the Department of Health takes care of public health specialized centers and clinics, the Hospital Authority focuses on public hospitals, general and special out-patient clinics. This public system includes “not only Hong Kong citizens or permanent residents, but also non-permanent residents; as soon as you are in Hong Kong with a valid visa and have acquired the Hong Kong ID Card, you are eligible for public healthcare.” There are also available fee waivers for those with financial difficulties. Thus, most of the case, you should not be in need of a private Hong Kong health insurance. The private sector, on the other hand, lines their works chiefly on hospital services and primary health care, in which the focuses are on private hospitals and its practitioners. For the people who want extra cares, more personal services and shortest waiting time, the private sector is there for them. Since the private sector provides special services and better conditions in nosocomial accommodation, the charges are much higher, which tend to draw more common patients toward the public sector.
Unavoidably, Hong Kong soon faces the challenges of rapidly aging population, increasing of medical costs due to technology advances and new treatment for non-communicable diseases. Since the public hospitals provided standard health services with lower charges, they become very popular among patients, which lead to the unavoidable reality of lengthening waiting list and expanding waiting time for services. As the results, more public health services are in need, which increase the expenditures of the government on public healthcare. In fact, in Hong Kong “the annual government recurrent expenditure on healthcare increased 40% from 2007 to 2012, reaching almost US$5.8 billion in 2012, accounting for 17% of total recurrent expenditure of...

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