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Honor Duty Loyalty Essay

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In each of the five plays that we have studied throughout this semester: Oedipus the King, Black Watch, Life is a Dream, Noises Off, The Caretaker there were various characters that used the themes of loyalty, honor and duty to guide their actions in order to maintain a positive reputation and righteous self-image. For each of the five plays that we have discussed there is at least one example of characters using loyalty, honor and duty to maintain a righteous self-image, a positive reputation or both.
In Oedipus the King acts of duty, which focuses on servicing others occurs throughout the play with a variety of characters. Though there are various examples that represent this theme, none ...view middle of the document...

In brief, Oedipus uses the theme of honor to guide his actions to the extent where he is willing to be exiled from his kingdom
The final theme that the characters within Oedipus the King use to maintain a righteous self-image is loyalty. Throughout the course of the play there are a few acts that suggest the idea of loyalty. The best example of someone using loyalty to guide their actions in this play occurs through a sequence of events involving Creon. These sequence of events begin when Creon returns to the palace after visiting the oracle. When Creon returns Oedipus accuses him of being involved in the murder of the former king, and demands that Creon be executed. After it is revealed that Oedipus is responsible for the death of the former king, Creon displays his loyalty by agreeing to watch over Oedipus’s daughter. In brief, Creon uses the theme of loyalty to guide his actions to the point where, even after Oedipus’s demands that he be executed he remains loyal to him.
Acts of honor are used to maintain a righteous self-image in the Black Watch as well. Though there are countless acts that can be perceived as honorable within the play, the idea that constructs the plot of Black Watch concerns the history behind the regiment. Within the play there’s a scene where one of the soldiers list all of the men in his family who had been involved in the Black Watch Regiment. As he continues to list them, it becomes clear that his reason for enlisting into the regiment has a lot to do with family honor. In brief, the soldier uses the theme of honor to the extent that it guides him to enlist into the Black Watch.
Acts of service are used to maintain a righteous self-image in Black Watch as well. This occurs frequently within the play in scenes where the soldiers are shown serving in the war. These scenes include a point where the soldiers are finishing their tour and are getting ready to head home, but they are instead relocated to a hostile war zone to help allies. The tasks the soldiers participated in during the war are all examples of them fulfilling their duty. In brief, the soldiers in the play used the theme of duty as a guide when they began fighting in the war.
Acts of loyalty are also used by the characters in Black Watch to maintain a righteous self-image. Though the ideas of patriotism and loyalty to Scotland play a big part in the way the soldiers act. There is a scene in the bar where one of the soldiers says that they were fighting for one another more than they were anything else. In brief, the soldiers fighting for one another more than anything else was done to maintain a righteous self-image.
Acts of honor were used to by characters in the performance of Life is a Dream to maintain a righteous self-image also. There many acts in this performance can be considered to involve the idea of honor. One specific example is when Rosaura told Clotaldo that she was planning to kill Astolfo to regain honor. This act suggest that honor was...

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