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Honor Essay

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Honor is….hook. On October 9 2012, an honorable young girl fought for her rights and the rights of others, only to be met with a bullet to her head; this girl’s name is Malala Yousafzai. There are few people in the world with this much honor and good moral. Honor is shown when people act with integrity, taking matters into their own hands to make a good change in the world. Culture affects honor because it causes people to see the world through different aspects (views) , but people still stand up for what they believe in, whether it is on their lifestyle, education, or religion. While Seikei depicts honor by following the samurai code of conduct in Medieval Japan, Winston Churchill’s acts ...view middle of the document...

Seikei suspects that this order from the judge could lead to great danger, but he NEVERTHELESS forges on and vows to follow this plan to the end. For instance, when Seikei observes Tomomi at night looking somewhat suspicious, he decides to follow him, and almost even gets killed when he gets caught by surprise, almost ending in suffocation. He continues to stick with the kabuki acting troupe, and later discovers a lethal and sharp sword. Although he is suspicious about Tomomi’s possessions and actions, he obeys Judge Ooka until the play ends, and the story unfolds.
Malala Yousafzai, a girl from Pakistan educates the world with her strong voice on the topic of girl’s education and rights. (USE WORD HONOR) In fact, in 2009 Malala at age eleven felt the need to speak out about girl’s rights and education while defying the Taliban. This exhibits honor because by doing this act Malala was informing the world about how their rights were not being acknowledged, and she was trying to fix these problems. She exhibits courage to stand up despite the risks and danger. Unfortunately, when she was 14, Malala received...

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