Honor Killings In Our History Essay

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Honor Killings
Would you kill for the sake of preserving your honor? Some parents would go as far as killing their very own children in order to keep their family name pristine. Approximately five thousand women are murdered in honor killings every year according to the United Nations. However, according the women advocacy groups about twenty thousand women are killed annually. Honor killings are murders committed by those in a person’s family toward those who are believed to be bringing upon dishonor to the family. Honor killings can be dated back to the time of the Ancient Roman Empire where the patriarch of a family owned the right of life and death for any member of his household. Women pregnant out of wedlock were often killed to prevent the ruination of her family’s reputation. Usually once a family’s reputation is tarnished it can never be undone so the killing of the person associated with it is necessary to protect others in the family. Honor killings continue to be a major issue in many cultures as teens are starting to follow the new customs of the twenty-first century.
Honor killings began long ago before anyone would think. During the time of the Roman Empire, the patriarch, had the right to end the life of anyone in his household. Women accused of dishonorable acts such as adultery and premarital intercourse were
Ullah, 2
often killed to keep the family reputation untarnished. Killing a person suspected of bringing dishonor upon the family was considered a heroic act to some, long ago. Dishonor associated with a family was not to be taken lightly then and even now. In the United States several acts of honor killings have been committed in order keep a family away from dishonor. In 1989 a young teenage girl was stabbed to death by her father for being “too American” after months of disobeying them. Her parents were arrested; her father later died while behind bars before being tried for a death sentence and her mother remains in a women’s prison.
There are plenty of controversies surrounding the topic of honor killings. Some say that the parents are inhumane and horrible for murdering their very own children. Others say that the parents are not at fault, if the murder is committed in a moment of rage toward the person. It is often believed that honor killings occur only in predominantly Muslim countries however honor killings also occur in South America, Sweden, Israel, Italy and Great Britain. Another common belief regarding honor killings is that only girls are killed....

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