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Honor Thy Children By Al And Jane Nakatani. Teacher Requested To Put More Of My Opinions About Homosexuality And Dealing With It Within The Paper.

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Parents are not meant to bury their children. How can you cope with saying good-bye to not just one of your children but to all your children? When I first heard of Honor Thy Children I thought that is would be a mellow drama filled with boring stories about some Japanese family that I did not even care about. I could not have been further from the truth. The book was addicting to say the least. And taught me to accept whom you are and that death is not the end. Memories can carry on and teach others how to cope with loss. The author, Molly Fumia, wrote the book is such a way that the sad tone of the book had several up lifting passages that made the reader laugh. This style of writing made the book more enjoyable to read. The only problem, besides putting the book down, was keeping track of the Nakatani's children. This book allowed me to take a glimpse into a family's life dealing with loss and the grief all that fallows. Honor Thy Children taught me that no matter what life throws at you there are always ways to over come these challenges.Honor Thy Children is a moving story about the Nakatani family. Alexander and Jane Nakatani's lives begin with their marriage in Hawaii on December 17, 1960. Al came from a broken family where his mom, Harriet, became his sole caretaker (pg. 34). He soon joined the Junior ROTC program and graduated from the University of Michigan. There is where he met his future wife Jane Souka. Jane grew up taking care of her invalid grandfather and with the pressure of keeping shame from her family (Pg. 38). Her daily job was to feed her grandfather wipe up after him and change his cloths. She hated the overwhelming feeling that this chore made her feel. This feeling would later play a big role in her detachment to her three sons.Soon after Al and Jane got married they moved to San Jose, California, to start their family. Jane's first child Glen Takeo Nakatani was born on October 23, 1961. Two years later Greg Toshio came on March 29, 1963 (Pg. 47). Jane raised her first two son as she was raised, well disciplined and with a stern hand. Jane felt "really bitter about having kids, trapped, angry at herself for relinquishing so easily the freedom she had briefly found." In her words she "felt like I was a babysitter all my life until I got married" (Pg. 48). Five years after Glen was born the youngest son Guy Toshiro arrived on November 25, 1967. "Seven years after Glen's birth propelled them into the parent role, Alexander and Jane were tired. They were ready for a child they couldn't control, even if they wanted to. They got one, Guy" (Pg. 47)."Glen grew up privately, never voicing a need or claiming a feeling" (Pg. 52). To Al, Greg was the perfect child that never needed much discipline. That was until he started to get in trouble in class. Glen was living a double life. Working at a local Jack in the Box, not really attending school and living a life of a gay man. After a fight with his parents about being gay, Glen ran...

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