Honour And Justice Are Two Very Important Issues In The Play "A View From The Bridge" By Arthur Miller, How Does The Author Present These Issues Through The Characters And Action In The Play?

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Wikipedia says honour is “the concept of a direct relation between one's virtues (or "values") and their status within society” and that justice is “the ideal, morally correct state of things and persons”. Honour and justice are in fact the two main issues surrounding Arthur Miller’s “A View from the Bridge”. We can see these two elements right at the start of the play, with the story of Vinny Bolzano: the boy who betrayed his family and lost his honour within it. Vinny is in fact the perfect example of the connection between justice and love:"The family had an uncle that they were hidin' in the house, and he snitched to the Immigration […] he had five brothers and the old father. And they grabbed him in the kitchen and pulled him down the stairs - three flights his head was bouncin' like a coconut. And they spit on him in the street, his own father and his brothers. The whole neighbourhood was crying." (p.13-15)The importance of honour in this play prevails the law, creating a connection with respect: to be honourable is to be respected. If you do anything dishonourable, you lose respect. That is why Marco and Eddie are so keen to protect their names and reach a 'just' conclusion. Codes of honour bind families and the whole neighbourhood with a sense of community. Everyone should look out for one another, to betray someone is the most dishonourable action imaginable.The next part where we see clear evidence of the importance of honour in the Red Hook community is when Eddie tells Beatrice, "It's an honour, B. I mean it."(p…..) when discussing the imminent arrival of the cousins in America. Here Eddie is saying he is honoured of letting Beatrice’s cousins sleep in his house because he knows they would do the same to him. This is a typical immigrant feeling because here Eddie is probably remembering when he too had come to America. Also, already from this point in the story we can see that his feelings for his Italian traditions overcome the American Law because even if Eddie knows the consequences of hosting two illegal immigrants in his house, he thinks about how he is honoured about it.Another evidence of honour in this play is the fact that Eddie finds it impossible to admit his love for Catherine is because he knows how dishonourable it is:ALFIERI: “She wants to get married, Eddie. She can’t marry you, can she?”EDDIE: “What are you talkin’ about, marry me! I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about!”Because of how horrible his feelings seem to him are and how he will be dishonoured by them, he cannot accept them. He cannot accept them because it is not morally and socially correct to fall in love with...

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1703 words - 7 pages A View From the Bridge by Arthur Miller In this essay I will be discussing a play written by Arthur Miller in 1955 "A View from the Bridge". The play is set in the American 1940's, just after the Second World War. Located in Red Hook (Brooklyn), a very poor area, described by Alfieri as, "the slum that faces the bay on the seaward side of Brooklyn Bridge". It tells the story of two illegal Sicilian immigrants (Marco and

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2943 words - 12 pages Analysis of A View from the Bridge by Arthur Miller ‘A view from the bridge’ was written in 1995 by Arthur Miller. The play is based around an old man named Eddie and his family, living in a rough neighbourhood or slum on the north facing side of Brooklyn Bridge. The play was set between 1940 and 1960 in Brooklyn, New York. A character in the play called Alfieri narrates the play in the present tense and describes the

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1172 words - 5 pages Arthur Miller, the author of "A View from the Bridge" wrote the play in the 1950's after working in a Brooklyn shipyard. He was familiar with the immigrant as both his parents were immigrants to the United States. This may have been the inspiration to write "A View from the Bridge" but nonetheless he had a good knowledge of the immigrant society and therefore makes this book very historically accurate and real. Arthur miller knew what he was

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1428 words - 6 pages A View From the Bridge by Arthur Miller Miller intends to portray Marco as both innocent and guilty to the audience. For example, Miller displays his blamelessness by describing him as a family man, who has "three children" and "trusts his wife". He has responsibility for his family, so he has come to America as an illegal immigrant to provide food for them, because if he stays in Sicily "they will never grow up". He

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3306 words - 13 pages A View From The Bridge by Arthur Miller Alfieri is a lawyer who works for the Sicilian community in Brooklyn. He opens the play with a very exposing account of what life used to be like and is like in that particular community. The audience knows from that speech everything about Alfieri and about the community in Red Hook. He launches into graphic detail about past bandits and murders and about how justice is very important to the

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1227 words - 5 pages A View from the Bridge, by Arthur Miller, is a study in manipulation. Throughout the text, the main characters of Eddie, Catherine, Beatrice, Rodolpho and Marco both struggle to dominate others and accept being dominated. The lines of power are drawn quite clearly to begin with; Eddie is evidently the dominant power-holder. However throughout the narrative there is a shift in power, and those who once held little sway over others become the

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