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Is hooking up harming your development as a maturing young adult? Hooking up is having intimate relations with another person with no intentions of any commitment. Emerging adulthood is the considered the period of life between the ages eighteen and twenty-five. During this stage of life, people experience many things and mature from being a teenager in high school, to a fully functioning adult. There are four domains of development: social, emotional, cognitive, and physical. Stress is a large factor in development, and a relationship is something that can call upon much unneeded stress. Although relationships cause a lot of stress, they also provide a strong basis of support, which can ...view middle of the document...

Lonely people tend to ruminate more, and therefore be more depressed. A simple solution to this is to have casual hookups. Hookups allow one to feel the warm embrace of another human being, which will counteract the loneliness. “…shy people demonstrated resistance in their emotion and attitude towards social interactions, which makes them reluctant to participate in social activities, thus leading to a strong sense of loneliness” (Zhao, Kong, & Wang, 2013, para. 1.1). Shy people are at a disadvantage when it comes to hooking up. However, through the process of trying to hook up, they will break out of their shell. They will become less shy, and therefore, less lonely. This all adds up to them being happier overall.
Hooking up is a great way to become more socially active. This forces you to interact with people. According to Kong and You (2013), self-esteem has a strong correlation as a mediator in the relationship between loneliness and well-being. People who are often hooking up will have a higher self-esteem because many people can pleasure them. This boost in self-esteem will result in less loneliness and a greater well-being. Smart people must remember to have a social life outside of the classroom. Silman and Dogan (2013) found that academic intelligence has no correlation to social well-being. Students who are well studied have no advantage or disadvantage in the social world. Hookups work well for these students because it allows them to have the fun and pleasure of a relationship without a commitment that may interfere with schoolwork.
Hookups have an effect on the cognitive domain as well. Zhou and Leung (2012) discovered that video game players are lonely and bored. Gamers have experience conversing with other online gamers. If they choose to go out in to the real world, they should have no problem conversing with people face to face. This could lead to a hookup. This will make them less lonely, and a party is a great way to avoid boredom. Burgess, Stermer, & Burgess (2012) found that students who spend more time on video games, also have lower grades. Low grades can induce stress. Hooking up is a far better time consumer because the benefits are larger than those of video games. Hooking up will relieve stress while your bad grades pile...

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