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Hookup Culture And How It Effects Society Chief Sealth High School / Language Arts Essay

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Kenya Robinson
23 October 2016
The hookup culture is leaving a generation unhappy and unprepared for love. Developing and maintaining positive relationships is a skill that is built by emotionally connected personal experiences over time. Only by taking the emotional risks associated with real feelings can people learn what works for them and how to define what they want and need. How can a person ask for their emotional needs to be met if they haven't had any experience dealing with those feelings and the relationships that help them figure it out?
Some people may argue that the hookup culture is preparing people for love. Others may say that hookups are sometimes used as a way for people to get "instant gratification" without the nerves and pressure of a committed relationship. Unfortunately, the hookup culture has created a culture that thinks “love” is just an illusion. That love is not real. Because people don't know how to separate love and sex the confusion causes most to feel disappointed and hurt and lose belief in love.
Hookups can be very confusing for both males and females. For males, there are the mixed messages they receive from females and from society. Supposedly, females are down for hookups but then they become emotional and act like they want more. In addition, males are under pressure to get with as many girls as possible. Hormones are difficult to deal with. The line between physical and emotional can get really blurry.
For females, they want...

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