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Sociology 1005 Akash RajoriaProfessor Ted HenkenDate 8th July 2014HooliganismBefore talking about football hooliganism, we should first clear up our minds and not to put ourselves in a dilemma to what this phenomenon can be defined as. What is football hooliganism? Nowadays today in the world there are many definitions that are given in the literature, but actually none of them really focuses and consolidates of what the whole problem is, I believe the main reason for hooliganism is something that has expanded all over the world which makes it is a very complicated problem; between the countries, and as well as within countries and football clubs, there are many distinctions. For instance: some hooligan groups are very well organized, others not; one group is more violent than the other; some violence is directly related to sport, other not, etc. Hooliganism is categorized into not only violent behavior of the fans towards the opposition's fans but in addition also towards the players as well. There are various types of hooliganism in soccer which can be characterized as follows taunting, e.g. by abusive chanting, sometimes obscene spitting, unarmed fighting, throwing of objects on to the pitch, either in an attempt to harm players and officials or as a gesture of insult (as when bananas are thrown towards players of black African origin, the implication being that they are monkeys), throwing of objects at opposing supporters, including stones, bricks, use of pyrotechnic devices such as flares and smoke bombs, fighting with weapons including sports bats, glass bottles, rocks, rebar, knives, machetes and firearms, disorderly crowd behavior such as pushing, which may cause stadium fixtures such as fences and walls to collapse. In extreme cases hooligans, police and bystanders are killed because of the riot caused. Critics argue that these media representations glamorize violence and hooligan lifestyle. This specific type of hooliganism led to a very disastrous scenario and a very well known football called Liverpool FC's club ground Hillsborough ended up collapsing and resulted in death of hundreds of innocent fans that came to enjoy the game of football.The causes include the psychological need to belong drives people to create organizations emphasizing values like commitment and loyalty. Since football in England, is a competitive, physical sport attracting a young audience who enjoy the game themselves; the members of these groups are generally youthful and aggressive. These groups are similar to gangs because of their emphasis on selective unity and proximity to violence. The members of these gangs can join out of a need to belong or as a result of societal pressure. This kind of division between cultural borders as a result of supporting different clubs create friction and spark the necessity for firms of hooligans; without the division and separations between clubs, there would be no reason to initiate fights between disagreeing clubs...

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4055 words - 16 pages the term ‘nowadays’ because the ‘English Disease’ namely hooliganism have been a problem for many centuries. There are many things to say on hooliganism but first it would be better to start with its definition. Hooliganism doesn’t have a standard definition. But it can be defined as destruction of properties or injury to persons, sometimes involving theft, whether by a gang or a small group of young people. Hooliganism is characterised as a

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2333 words - 9 pages set of 'norms' and 'values' within that group and any individual involved are expected to conform to these. They would expect you to be loyal to your football team and them; anyone else supporting the opposite team would be a threat. You would be expected to take appropriate action against the opposition. By doing this you would live up to the expectations of the, behaviours and attitudes of the group. Football hooliganism often involves violence

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3257 words - 14 pages Growing up in a Latin American culture where soccer is a phenomenon, I am not unaware of the problems that are caused when violence and soccer meet. Every year, thousands of soccer fans enjoy going to their soccer team games. However, it seems that soccer hooliganism is a disease that is invading the sport very often lately, despite all the attempts that have been conducted to stop it. Nowadays, going to a game is not as easy as it was decades

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2786 words - 11 pages and other acts of hooliganism may be common at the stadium. The second step of threat analysis will involve identifying unique trends and patterns of threats that have been encountered in the stadium since it was first used in the 1950s. This will involve examining quantitative data on the previous security threats, and identification of the most prevalent features of insecurity in the stadium. This exercise will yield specific trends and

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2701 words - 11 pages actually in a terrible state. The national and club teams are under-achieving, clubs are having to go into administration, the F.A. has no money, the premier league is full of foreign players and the clubs don't really care about the fans anymore as football is such a big business now.Even if all this is true, the most concerning problem in the English game at the moment remains the continuing acts of hooliganism by travelling English fans. England

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2148 words - 9 pages Sociology 1005 Akash RajoriaProfessor Ted HenkenDate 8th July 2014HooliganismBefore talking about football hooliganism, we should first clear up our minds and not to put ourselves in a dilemma to what this phenomenon can be defined as. What is football hooliganism? Nowadays today in the world there are many definitions that are given in the literature, but actually none of them really focuses and consolidates of what the whole problem is, I

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