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     As driving into Hickory, Indiana, a tiny town, I see that every house has a basketball hoop on the side of their barn. The little town consists of one main street. It has the local supermarket, barbershop, hardware store and some other small stores. While driving on the main street, I noticed that everyone notices a stranger coming into town. That is how small Hickory is. Driving into the high school parking lot I see that the girls dominate the young men by far. Looking around I also see that everyone is talking about the basketball game that night.
     When hearing that Norman Dale was going to coach a high school basketball team, I figured it was worth a shot to see how he would handle high school basketball rather than college. His experience in college was once hailed, but then dramatically failed. I was glad that I took the time to see how much talent coach Norman Dale could dish out of his players. I heard through some townspeople that the practices were unreal. Coach Dale was very intense and had the young men were worked very hard. Coach Dale believed that in every practice it should be helping you to get better for your next game and how you practice is how you play.
     There were only nine players on the team and they did have talent. It was whether or not it all worked was up to coach Dale. From watching their first game to the game, there was a great journey that the Hickory Hoosiers had. So many things happened and many memories were made. It is a special journey that needs to be shared.
     The Hoosiers started out rough, but held their composure. They were losing and the townspeople didn’t like how coach Dale was coaching. They disagreed with his decisions that he made during the game and they didn’t like his attitude. Coach Dale believed that his style of coaching was appropriate and he wasn’t going to change. The townspeople decided to have a meeting to see whether or not they should keep coach Dale. The players were waiting for the answer of if Coach Dale was being fired. The players felt that Coach Dale shouldn’t be let go. As the meeting was going on a young man, Billy, from school who was in excellent basketball player but didn’t play on the team, due to his home life, came to talk. He said that he would come and play. Everyone in the room cheered and we’re excited. Some even shouted that now they only need to get rid of the coach. Then Billy interrupted and said that the only way he would play is if Coach Dale stayed. The townspeople agreed to keep Coach Dale and now have Billy playing. The next half of their season they won every game and everyone was happy with what Coach Dale had provided.
     The love for the game and the passion for the game are what the young men have. The look in their eyes and the emotion that was shown, tells the fans and coaches that these young men...

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