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Hoover And Roosevelt Essay

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Presidents Herbert Hoover and Franklin D. Roosevelt both were presidents at a very bad time in American history. Their attempts to end the depression are commendable because of the pressure and hard circumstances the entire country was under at the time. Hoover and Roosevelt were very different presidents when it came to their strategies, views on the economy, spending, and the suffering American people. Hoover was more conservative and Roosevelt was more liberal in the actions they took to end the Great Depression. Each president had their own courses they would follow and what they thought would successfully pull America out of the depression.
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In 1932 when thousands of unemployed veterans marched to Washington D.C. to get the bonuses they were promised in 1924, congress refused. The veterans started an encampment near Washington to protest. President Hoover called in the army to break it up. The troops used tear gas and burned down the encampment. The lack of sympathy and his seemingly careless attitude when it came to dealing wit the suffering American people and the economy directly during his presidency made Americans desperate for a change.
Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected president at a time during the Great Depression when Americans were willing to try anything to pull them out. Roosevelt had confidence and his inaugural address “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself” showed his administration was fully dedicated to helping the Americans in crisis directly unlike the Hoover administration. Since Congress was now very Democratic, this helped Roosevelt pass emergency measures. Roosevelt’s wife Eleanor helped him support minorities, reformers, and social workers. Roosevelt’s “New Deal” did not have any concrete programs or plans, but his commitment and willingness to experiment would help him be successful in all of his efforts. Roosevelt’s cabinet was diverse and they helped create laws and programs under the New Deal.

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