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Hoover Versus Roosevelt: The Great Depression

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Herbert Hoover and Franklin Delano Roosevelt belonged to two different political parties, so it was inevitable that the two would handle the great depression differently. President Hoover, a republican, dealt with the depression in a more conservative manner; in his eyes, the federal government should not intervene. President Roosevelt was a Democrat during the great depression that took initiative and created governmental agencies to create jobs and therefore create and complete public service and infrastructure projects. President Roosevelt dealt with the depression in a better manner than Hoover.

President Herbert Hoover was the conservative republican president of America when the great depression occurred, and was given the burden of rebuilding the economy. He believed the federal government should not intervene, and instead believed that helping the needy was the obligation of private organizations and donors, whom he pressured. In addition, Hoover granted loans to big businesses, hoping that the money would “trickle down” and that more employees would be hired. Still, during his presidency, the most generous cities granted $2.39 per week to welfare recipients, but many welfare offices would not give to minorities or to families with fewer than three children. Since the vast majority of those on welfare did not have jobs, this led to even more poverty. Furthermore, only a fraction of those who needed employment were employed, thereby doing little to nothing to stabilize the economy. President Hoover did not do nearly enough to help America get back on her feet.

President Roosevelt, the successor of Hoover, did much to help Americans and the world economy. He set up many government agencies to guide America and the world out of depression. The most notable agencies were the Federal...

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