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Hope Floats
     The movie I decided to watch is called Hope Floats. This is a great movie, and it not only should be about love, but it showed me about life. Do you think you can fix your life and get it back on the right track all on your own? All you have to do is just have to give hope a chance and believe that everything will get better someday. There is always a time in everyone’s life when something horrible happens. Sometimes it something that changes your very course of life in an instant. Then life becomes difficult and it seems all you can do is give up on everything. But it does not have to be like that at all. Your life is not over, you just hit a rough spot along the way, and things are bound to get better, because it is easier to bounce higher once you have fallen.
Birdee Calvert, played by Sandra Bullock, was a beauty queen, known as “Ms. Popular”. She was also a cheerleader and even prom queen when she was in high school. She married her high school sweet heart, Bill Calvert. They then moved to Chicago straight after high school and lived the perfect life together…so it seemed. Then things began to seem different for her and things did not seem so perfect after all.
The whole movie starts when she appears on a Reality TV show. She thinks she’s there for a free make over or something that he best friend dragged her into doing. She soon realizes that’s not why she’s there at all. On this TV show, Birdee’s best friend admits and tells her she’s having an affair with her husband.
Birdee and her young daughter, Bernice, decide to pack up and leave Bill. They move out and travel back to Birdee’s home town of Smithville, Texas. There she much live with her mother. She was never very close with her mother growing up, but now she has to live with her, she wants to start a new bond together.
When she gets to Smithville her life becomes even more complicated than it was to begin with and she never thought it could quite be like this. After much debate, Birdee finally is convinced to start a new life, which involves getting a new job. There is a problem though, she must deal with something from her past. Most of the people she went to high school with still live in Smithville. Normally this would not be a problem for anyone else, but when you think about that fact that her and her friends teased everyone, it was a big problem for her, because everyone is all grown up now. Birdee realizes that people she always made fun of are now a big part of the town such as a girl that she called polka dots.. Dottie, polka dot’s real name, finds out Birdee loves to take pictures so she finds her a job at the local photo store, which was nice of her for what Birdee did to her.
For Birdee’s mother finding a job was not good enough. She wanted her to move on with her live and maybe find a new boyfriend. This is where Justin Matisse comes into the movie. He was not one of the popular kids in high school, but he’s had a crush on...

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