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Hope For Moms With Epilepsy Essay

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Many people don’t understand the risks involved with epilepsy and the emotional roller coaster they go through. Epilepsy is a disorder that no one may know you have. You cannot look at a person and see that they have Epilepsy. They want to keep it secret so they aren’t left out of activities or looked at as an outcast.
There are many causes of Epilepsy. There are many childhood disorders and several types of seizures. Epilepsy is not a mental disorder or a mental illness as many people may think. Epilepsy does not affect the intelligence of someone, nor does it cause or any mental disability of the mind. Some people think that epilepsy is contagious. It is not contagious. In some cases Epilepsy does not worsen over time, it just depends on the part of the brain that is affected. Epilepsy is a condition that has a variety of mental and physical functions of the body and the brain. People who have had a seizure is not necessarily epileptic. They are known as having a “seizure disorders.” Seizures happen when the brain has a cluster of ideas, plans and nerve cells. People with abnormal brain functions have a second of brief and slow consciousness. People worldwide are affected by Epilepsy. 2.2 million American’s have epilepsy. Doctors and Researchers say that 2.2 million is only the midpoint of a wide range of 1.3 and 2.8 million people with epilepsy. Around the world there are about 65 million people that are in some way affected by epilepsy in their lifetime. There are some ways to help treat or lessen the epilepsy/seizures. Medication and even surgery have been found to greatly. Epilepsy can keep people from achievements in school, work and home if the seizures are not controlled. Epilepsy and seizures can affect all ages, races, young and old. No one is exempt. While many books say it is mostly under the age of 15 there are 300,000 children and pre-teens that suffer from epilepsy in their lifetime. But out of those 300,000 children and pre-teens 90,000 are improperly diagnosed and treated by the doctors that children and parents trust. (Ruffner, 2012)
Now that Baby Boomers are ages 65 and above the Epileptic rate of senior adults is 570,000. Many returning troops from war have a group tendency to have epilepsy due to a traumatic head injury or brain injury from fighting in the battlefield. Epilepsy is the fourth most common neurological disorder behind Migraine, Stroke, and Alzheimer’s disease. One out of every 26 American’s will end up having or developing epilepsy in their lifetime. Three million American’s and Sixty Five million people worldwide live with epilepsy every day. Two-thirds of the epilepsy cases that are diagnosed the cause is unknown. Each year approximately 200,000 men, women and children are diagnosed with epilepsy. Epilepsy also affects people that don’t have symptoms. People who have also been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and other neurological diseases that affect the brain. Epilepsy has less...

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