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When the Belgians colonized Burundi, they made a grave error by favoring the minority Tutsis over the majority Hutus. Even after the Belgians left and Burundi became an independent nation, the segregation remained. As a result of tension after tension, in 1994, the Hutus began their mass killing of Tutsis. In Strength in What Remains, renowned writer Tracy Kidder shares the overwhelming account of escape and second chances experienced by Deogratias Niyizonkiza, a young Tutsi medical student, during the gruesome genocides that occurred in Burundi and neighboring Rwanda. During his journey, Deo encountered people who were extremely hostile against him, but he also came across many who were ...view middle of the document...

The few people who helped Deo in Burundi had no obligations to aid Deo; amongst the chaos, they were already busy saving themselves. However, with their munificence, Deo was able to escape the genocide, proving that amongst the bloodshed and malice, there was still good and hope left in humanity.
While it is true that Deo was humiliated and exploited even in New York, in the end, Deo was confronted with help and compassion. For instance, in New York, Deo found a job delivering groceries for a mere fifteen dollars a day with an employer who degraded him. However, it is through this job that Deo meets Sharon McKenna, a former nun who is one of the first to support him in New York. Not only did she improve his English, but she also bought books for him and never ceased trying to help Deo. In fact, “Deo wanted to ask her to stop trying so hard. But he hated the idea of hurting her feelings” (59). Another example of Deo experiencing bad then good is when he is robbed and constantly intimidated by squatters who lived in the shabby tenement along with him. Consequently, Deo chooses to sleep in Central Park, but as a result, Deo is introduced to Charlie and Nancy Wolf, a childless couple who eventually shelter him in their own home. In New York, Deo may have been intimidated and experienced hardships, but as a result of those difficulties, he was able to meet kind, supporting people.
To continue, if Deo’s success could be compared to a bridge, the Wolfs would be the keystone. The Wolfs learned about Deo through Sharon, who, as previously mentioned, was persistent. Fortunately for Deo, Sharon’s persistence moved the Wolfs into taking him in. Not only did the Wolfs house Deo— nonetheless, for seven years— but they also funded and encouraged his education. With their support, Deo was able to graduate from Columbia University and reignite his passion for learning and medicine. Although Deo was a stranger to the Wolfs, they still could not resist helping him and taking him in; their act of kindness definitely proves that there are people who care and are able to restore faith in humanity.
Among all the people who helped Deo, there was only one person who was able to empathize him. One day Deo read a book, Infections and Inequalities, by Paul Farmer, an American anthropologist and physician who is best known for founding the international health organization, Partners in Health. After reading, Deo,...

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