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Hope Is The Thing With Feathers

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Emily Dickinson "Hope" is the Thing With Feathers- In "Hope" is the Thing With Feathers, she uses many of her techniques to make the poem more lively and fun to read. In this poem, Emily Dickinson uses an irregular rhyming scheme of "abcb." This means that in each of the three stanzas, the second and the fourth line rhymes with each other. Along with her irregular rhymes, she uses irregular punctuation to direct her readers into certain flow of the poem. In this poem, she uses many hyphens to emphasize the expenditures. This gives the poem the effect of soft, slow, feather floating in the air. She also capitalizes key words in the middle of sentences that are main symbols or have a big effect on the poem. This also points the reader's eyes to these words so that they will pay closer attention to them. Emily Dickinson compares the "Hope" to "the thing with feathers" or simply birds. This implies that hope has the ability to take someone up, or to heaven. The birds have feathers and therefore, are able to fly upward. This shows you that with hope, someone could get closer to heaven, or happiness. Hope is something that can lift someone's soul or spirit up. She is also saying that hope or faith is the only thing that can get someone up to heaven because without hope, you have no feathers and therefore you will fall down to hell. It is like someone said, "There is no future without any hope." Hope is what keeps us going and what makes our life worth living. If there was no hope, you will be better if you died and be stuck in hell because there is no point in living.Hope is everywhere and is always there for you even though you do not realize what it is or feel its presence. It is just like "the tune without the words." You may not realize exactly what the song is but you understand vaguely and what kind of song it is. You may not know the words, but the tune stays in your mind and you hum the tune over and over again. Hope is just like that. You may not know what it is but it is always in your mind and never stops "humming" its presence to you.According to Dickinson's poem, hope is described as being omnipresent and being able gives one the ability to get through whatever problems, turmoil, or trials we go through in life. In line 5 and 6, it states "And sweetest -- in the Gale --is heard--.. And sore must be the storm-" . Gale is defined as a strong gust of wind, thus this "storm" is the image given by Dickinson to describe the turmoil and struggles we go through in life. As it states in line 6, "That could abash the little Bird", these struggles and problems we have in life overshadow the hope that is always with us. Dickinson is trying to tell us that when troubling times come our way, hope is suppressed by these struggles we go through thus although hope is always there, it may not be seen by the individual. It is when we are able to see this hope, can it gives strength to overcome those times of need. Line 8, "That kept so...

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