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Hope's War By Marsha Forchuk Skrypuch

760 words - 4 pages

Blood is thicker than water
In the novel named Hope’s War Danylo’s only help come from his family. They supported him in every way of his life. Even though, the people from the church supported him and told him they will help him as much as they can however, his family was the one helped him in big ways. “Please make arrangements for an approved translator yourself, and whomever else should travel to Ukraine. And of course, I will accompany you.” (Skrypuch, 93). When Danylo needed $40000 for the trial and to get good witnesses to make his case stronger, he couldn’t afford a lot money himself. He doesn’t have any job or anyone of his friend who he can borrow the money from? People may let him borrow $5000 or so, but no one have $40000 on the spot. Money doesn’t grow on trees. It was his own daughter Orysia at this point who sacrificed for him. She told the lawyer to do everything to win her dad’s case and she will provide her money as much she needs, knowing she doesn’t have this ...view middle of the document...

Her studies can continue in her life forever however, she will only see her grandfather once. Therefore, she made a sacrifice for her loved one only to save his life. Also, Kataryna father went to a different country because they will give him his pay plus commission and they needed money very much. There is no one who wants to go to a different country to make money for someone else. He only did to support his blood relative. He felt sorry for Danylo and wanted to help him. If families will not help each other then who will? However, they missed him. Living without someone for one day or two days is easy, but hard to live for one year or four years. Kataryna and her family suffered pain only to help their grandfather. Another way, Danylo’s family supports him is by going to the hearing with him. “He’s our grandfather,” said Kat. (Skrypuch, 163). Kat told her sister that the reason she was going to the hearing is because she loved Danylo. If her family wouldn’t go then, who would? By her going to the hearing his grandfather will get more support. The family love is important than anything. Because everyone being with him, it shows him everyone loves him. No one wants to sit in the corner for no reason. Kataryna sat there every day only to support his grandfather. Yes, the people of church said they were with him, but they didn’t give him much support. Danylo spend time with his family more so, they know him better. Because it is a blood relationship she doesn’t like to see her grandfather in this position. It hurts her somewhere in her heart that his grandfather is in this position and she should help. The people of the church can’t understand him because he is not their relative. Like a sister understand another sister, Kataryna understands her grandfather.

Truth can be hard to accept
When the judge told at the hearing that Danylo lied to the immigration screening when he entered Canada, everyone was in shocked. They couldn’t believe that their grandfather got citizenship of Canada by false representation. Danylo himself as well as his family was startled by this news. “Danylo face was pasty white in shock” (Skrypuch, 236). It was hard for him to accept this fact that he lied to the immigration.

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