Hope: The Drive To Survive Essay

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In the movie Slumdog Millionaire, the director, Danny Boyle shows that when a person deeply loves someone, they’ll do a lot of difficult, challenging, or painful things for him or her that they would never do for anyone else, just like Jamal did for Latika. Jamal signs up for the show “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” to get noticed by the girl he loves. The short story, A Month and a Day: A detention Story written by Ken Saro-Wiwa, reflects the idea that the author believes that one day, someone will stand up for the same cause as him and protest against the Nigerian government and the international oil companies that were destroying his homeland. Both Jamal and Ken Saro-Wiwa are optimistic ...view middle of the document...

Jamal realized that Latika has escaped. After the show, he was sitting at the train station, and he saw Latika. They embraced at the centre platform of the station and Jamal said “I knew you’d be watching. This is our destiny.” Jamal had many opportunities to give up and lose hope in life, but he never did because the thought of his destiny with Latika kept him going, even if nobody else believed in their love.
Ken Saro-Wiwa wrote the book, A Month and a Day: A Detention Story about his time in prison. The reason why Ken Saro-Wiwa was in prison is because he protested against the Nigerian government. Saro-Wiwa believed the industrial pollution caused by the extraction of oil was turning his homeland into an ecological wasteland and was threatening the survival of the Ogoni people. When he was arrested, he had flashbacks about his arrests when he was younger. “I thought then of my youth and how I might have been tempted, in those heady days, to jump out of the bus, grab a rifle from one of the sleeping guards, and shoot my way to safety or to adventure of death” (Ken Saro-Wiwa, page 321) But now, when he thought about all the stuff he has been through, Saro-Wiwa’s main thoughts were on Ogoni people and the travails they had been forced to endure for over a century. Saro-Wiwa was determined to mitigate that travail in his lifetime. Saro-Wiwa says that “To die fighting to right the wrong would be the greatest gift of life!”(Ken Saro-Wiwa, page 322) He is willing to die for a change in Nigeria. The author’s personal values were the people in his homeland and...

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