Hope Through Personal Care Essay

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Hope through Personal Care
Using the chronic illness trajectory framework by Corbin & Strauss (Kearney-Nunnery, 2012, p. 73) the framework of assumptions was used in application to a 92 year-old female patient with congestive heart failure. This disease was progressively worsening her quality of life. After the patient entered a long-term care facility she has had fewer exacerbations with congestive heart failure and her overall health has improved as evidenced by her physical and psychological condition. Her improvement can be attributed to the specific care given by the facility and her willingness to accept and adapt to a personal plan of care. The patient’s medications have been given correctly, her weight is monitored daily, therapy is being administered, and a holistic approach is used in her care.
This patient was admitted to the long-term care facility after congestive heart failure exacerbations. She was in the hospital for twenty-seven days prior to her admission to long-term care. Upon admission, she indicated that she was diagnosed with congestive heart failure about 9 years ago. She said that she had smoked for many years, having stopped approximately 20 years ago. She stated that she has suffered from emphysema for the past 30 years. She states also that, over the past few years, she has been in and out of the hospital with exacerbations and that she became weaker with each hospital stay. She says that prior to her last hospitalization she was not able to walk to the bathroom due to shortness of breath and weakness. She further stated due to her weak condition she also fell at home causing a fracture to her left hip. Since being admitted into the long term care facility, she has had only one hospitalization within the past two years. She is also able to walk again.
She agreed to enter the long-term care facility for rehabilitation due to her weakened state from her last hospital stay and a fracture to her left hip. She immediately began to participate in therapy with a daily routine. Her medications were controlled and given at the correct times. Her diet was...

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