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Hopelessly Doubted Journey Of Faith; Comparison Of "Owen Meany" By John Irving And "Life After God" By Douglas Coupland In Terms Of Faith.

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Hopelessly Doubted Belief before Faith“Hopelessness, doubt and belief all of which we have all be faced with at some point in our lives mould, caress and shape our building of faith.” – This quote illustrates the bias of this piece of work. Throughout the passing of time no matter the year faith has been a part of every living soul. Thus, Faith cannot necessarily be defined as one thing or another because every living soul differs from one to another. In the book A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving and Life after God by Douglas Coupland exists, two such different souls however, they have shown something about faith that can be defined. Both John Wheelwright from A Prayer for Owen Meany and Narrator from Life after God experience a life, a journey, at the end of which they are able to build faith. Their journey although having had a clichéd end is not one that was earned easily as the path to build such faith is plagued by hopelessness and doubt. The hopelessness slowly grows as it consummates the mind turning their beliefs to doubts. Though it takes some sort of event for this hopelessness to seed in the minds of John and Narrator it remains to be one of the key factors. However through either ones own will or through inspiration from another this doubt is moved and gives room for faith to bloom in their minds.John Wheelwright the main character in A Prayer for Owen Meany comes for a line of wealthy aristocrats. A growing boy born in Gravesend, New Hampshire with a bright future ahead of him, John begins his journey at the tender age of 7 oblivious to all that around him under the protective cover of home and school. However this cover is soon to crumble as he comes in contact with Owen Meany another boy of his age but in sharp contrast to his character. This becomes more pronounced as they grow up together, John who has an active religious life is a very bitter man and finds him self extremely angry at his experiences. However his actual belief in religion only accounts up to the point where he does it more out of habit and duty than meaning. Owen on the other side portrays a personality of power even with his luminous tone of skin and nasal voice. He easily subdues the adults around him, telling them what to do even at a young age and believes deeply in a personal religious faith, considering himself as the domineering instrument of god.Narrator is the main character in Life after God however, Narrator refers to the many different narrators in this book due to the number of stories in one book. Although each story in different on the outside the conflict and resolution remain unchanged. The narrator in each is of similar nature, all of them being men in the thirties from generation X an old and dying generation in our current time. Each of the narrators are similar in many ways to John Wheelwright. They have little no belief in god and what little they have it out of habit. They are all situated in sub-urban parts of...

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