Hopelessness Is An Obstacle Not A Way To Live Life

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We often have times when we lose every shred of hope in our lives and we feel like we have lost everything, including our emotions or our future. The hardest thing to do at that point is to be optimistic, which is the only way to get the enough motivation and hope to get back on our feet and keep fighting until we reach the desired state of comfort. Jeannette Walls’ novel, “The Glass Castle”, is based on her true life story about her struggle with her careless parents and the hard conditions that she had to live with. Walls’ novel reminded me of last year when I was in Canada and I had to experience the death of a close friend for the first time in my life in, leaving me desperate and ...view middle of the document...

“I waited for what seemed like a long time before I decided it was possible Mom and Dad might not come back for me. They might not notice I was missing. They might decide that it wasn't worth the drive back to retrieve me; that, like Quixote the cat, I was a bother and a burden they could do without” (Walls 30). Jeannette is being realistic for the first time even though believing in her parents would be emotionally harder than assuming that they left her behind. She waits for a long time and realizes that she doesn’t want to take the risk and get her hopes high and end up being disappointed. I was experiencing the same thing when I started thinking that death will occur at any moment and at any second, making me feel down and anxious all the time about the possibilities of that happening. I convinced myself at that time that I couldn’t take the risk of getting my hopes high in life, because I didn’t want to get shocked when I suddenly pass away. What I did not know at that time was the difference between realism and pessimism. From the point where my close friend passed away, all I ever thought about was how naïve I was to think that life would go the way I wanted it to go. Later on, I understood that we don’t get to choose how long our lives are, but at least we get to always look for every shred of hope in our lives and keep moving on.
Unfortunately, most people tend to be less open about sharing their pain with their surroundings, even their close ones, because they are convinced that being at their lower state will reduce their dignity and would lead to a worse result. Jeanette is jumped by four Mexican girls at Blyth and they start to hit her because she is close to her teacher and always participating in her class. She refuses to ask for anyone’s help even her siblings and her father. “I came home that night with scraped knees and elbows and a busted lip. ‘Looks to me like you got in a fight,’ Dad said. He was sitting at the table, taking apart an old alarm clock with Brian. ‘Just a little dustup,’ I said. That was the word Dad always used after he'd been in a fight. ‘How many were there?’ ‘Six,’ I lied. ‘Is that split lip okay?’ he asked. ‘This lil' ol' scratch?’ I asked. ‘You should have seen what I did to them.’ ‘That's my girl!’ Dad said and went back to the clock, but Brian kept looking over at me” (Walls 45). Jeannette decides that she will not ask for her dad’s help because she feels like he would be disappointed at her and that he will consider her from now on as his weak daughter, which she hates the most. She wants to be treated as a strong girl who could handle herself and doesn’t need anyone’s constant help or support. Her lies are centered around her taking over the situation which ensures how she hates being treated as a weakling even more. I never hesitated for a second that I will not tell other people about what I was suffering even though it was one of the hardest times that I ever had in my life. Even though...

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