Hopes And The Loses Of The Grapes Of Wrath

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In John Steinbeck’s novel, ‘The Grapes of Wrath’ he stated that the theme; Hope and Loss of Hope was shown several times

throughout the novel. As much lost the Joad family experienced, the family still had to hold tight on hope because it was basically

all they did had left since there was neither money nor happiness.

The Grapes of Wrath was focused around the Joads, a family going through the Great Depression hardships during the

1930s. Many families had majorly downsized their lifestyles; the way they bought their food, supported themselves, and the

fathers had to leave to search for work. When living in Oklahoma; the setting for the novel, The Dust Bowl was a disaster to the

crops, which meant it was a decrease in the profits for some individuals, or their only option of food and money was gone. The

quotation, “So you’re lookin for work? What ya think ever’body else is lookin for? Di’amonds?”(Steinbeck 312). didn’t mean for

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In Steinbeck’s eyes, one at the time

views it as ‘first come, first serves’, they cared more about themselves rather than letting starving people eat for the concerns of

their profits.

In the 1930s the United States took a decline in the economy. The proper resources to support the people vanished. The

Government showed compassion by acknowledging they had available job offers in California and to the migrant workers it was

some hopeful news but it also brought some doubts because they’re use to hope being snatched away from them. For the Joads,

they heard the opportunity of going to California which represented hope but then loss represents what they’re leaving behind;

their land, the friends they grew relationships with, and starting a journey after the death of Grampa Joad. Steinbeck showed in

this quote, “If it was the law they was workin’ with, why we could take it. But it ain’t the law. They’re a----workin away at our

spirits…They’re workin’ away at our decency.”(Steinbeck 357). That he didn’t think it was the Government’s choice

“Their dusty faces were sad and resistant. The sun was sinking now, and the yellow sunlight fell on the Hooverville willows behind

it.” (Steinbeck 357). This quote showed that the sun represented the mockery of their happiness how it rises enough for them to

tell it’s there but only reminds them dark days are ahead before getting what their hoping for. The workers looking for work were

living in horrible conditions while on the road such as not bathing as needed or eating as needed. People going through the

Depression and Droughts didn’t have all the resources they needed to survive, such as Rose of Sharon she wasn’t taken good care

of due to conditions of her surroundings. Meaning her baby wasn’t well taken care of as well and the baby was born as a stillborn,

which was her ultimate loss in life as well as losing her husband. She gave hope to another individual; a starving man who needed

milk, and he lived to see another day.

The Conclusion statement is when someone is going through a tough transition that person needs to hold on to hope. Without

hope, one doesn’t succeed or even attempt in the things they want in life. When hope is lost it’s as if a person shuts down on life,

basically a person is there to be there, not exactly living.

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