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Hormonal Control Of Metamorphosis In Anurans

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Prometamorphosis is characterized by the continued growth, especially of the limbs, and initiation of minor metabolic changes these events is brought about by the developing Thyroid gland, and the sensitivity these tissues have to the Thryroid hormones being secreted.
In Prometamorphic development there is the onset of metamorphic changes, as the concentrations of the hormones involved in metamorphosis significantly change in comparison to the preceding premetamorphic stage, within the Prometamorphosis stage the concentrations of these hormones differ within the sub-stages of this stages. Early Prometamorphosis and Late Prometamorphosis are the names given to the sub-stages within ...view middle of the document...

The Climax the last stage of metamorphosis is climax, is the period of the anurans’ larvae when all the significant changes are made; the anurans lose most of its larval characteristics, physically this stage is initiated by the regression of the larval tail and comes to an end when the tail is completely reabsorbed. There is a surge of Prolactin concentration around mid-climax, this surge is due to the regression of the previously mentioned Aminergic fibres; the prolactin concentration then returns to the low concentration.
The concentration of the prolactin is low in early climax, the concentration of the Thyroid Hormone being secreted it high and in turn instigates the high concentration of the Thyroid Hormone being secreted. However, the concentration of the Thyroid Hormones in the blood plasma is loce
Metamorphosis rely on the secretion of the thyroid hormones to be
In the Climax, metamorphic changes increase rapidly this is the result of the increased TR receptors present...

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