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Horrible Condtions In Concentration Camps Essay

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During the stay at Concentration Camps Jews had awful living conditions and were treated with such disrespect. Adolf Hitler became the leader of Germany beginning in January of 1933 and ending in May of 1945, during this time Hitler started the Holocaust (Adolf Hitler). The people in Hitler’s army were known as Nazis. Nazis were anti-Semitic, which means they hated Jewish people (Zullo). Hitler and the Nazis assumed that Jews along with Gypsies, homosexuals, and the disabled were substandard and did not deserve to live (Zullo). During the time of the Holocaust, Jews in Europe were subjected to increasingly hasher discrimination, that ended up killing roughly 6,000,000 Jews (Adolf Hitler). ...view middle of the document...

The Jewish people in Concentration Camps had to work in forced labor factories. There were about 96 forced labor factories for the Jews to work in. The Jews worked for money in the factories, but the Nazis took all the money the Jews earned (Forced Labor: Background and Overview ).
Lilly Appelbaum, a survivor of the Holocaust, speaks about the feelings towards her tattoo. “Your name is your number. And the… discouragement that I felt… I felt like I was not a human person anymore.” (Berenbaum). Jewish people were tattooed numbers on their arms when they entered the Concentration Camps. Michael Jacobs, a survivor of the Holocaust, also recalls the time he got his tattoo. “As you stretched out your arm, they gave you a number…. And as they gave me my tattoo number, B-4990, the SS man came to me, and he says to me, “Do you know what this number’s all about?” I said, “No, sir.” “Okay let me tell you now. You are being dehumanized.”” (Berenbaum). Nazi soldiers also forced Jews to walk in Death Marches. There were at least 59 Death Marches from Concentration Camps during the last winter of Nazi control (M. Berenbaum). Jack Gruener, one of the many Jews that had to walk, wondered how he and 600 other prisoners would survive this march. Jack had to march, under heavy guard, from the Auschwitz camp to Germany, hundreds of miles away. The only thing given to them was one loaf of bread that had to last them the two-week long journey (Bousun).
The Holocaust was a very difficult time for the Jewish people. During the Jews stay at Concentration Camps they had awful living conditions and were treated with such disrespect. Concentration Camps were major parts of the Holocaust; they were camps where the Nazis confined the Jews, usually under severe conditions. The living conditions for people in concentration camps were so horrifying it is...

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