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Livedville was a dark, small town. It is located in the great state of Washington, 17 miles outside of Seattle. The approximate population of Livedville is 11,600. The city's main street was W St. There was a bank, a supermarket, the Church of Jesus Christ, and a hotel on W St. The supermarket was the only one in town, so it got all the business. The bank was also the only of its kind in town. There are several churches in town, but the Church of Jesus Christ was the most popular. No one really understands why there was a hotel such a small town. The hotel was mostly used by the prostitutes and drug dealers; which Livedville had plenty of.Juan Carlos Hernandez II was the priest at the Church of Jesus Christ. Juan Carlos also lived in the church. The church was his life! He hated everything about W St. he wanted to move the church to a better location but the church did not have enough money. So, Juan Carlos had to suffer the annoying sounds of cars up and down the streets, drug dealer brawls in the parking lot, and the usual skateboarder punks. Don Won the supermarket owner hated Juan Carlos. They would argue occasionally over little things. W St. was full of bitterness and every one knew it.Sheriff Wayne Stellberg had been to W St. too many times and was getting frustrated. Wayne loved to helped the community, but when you get 3 to 5 phone calls a week from the same two people (Juan Carlos and Don Won), you get a little irritated.It was May 16, 2001. Just like any other day Juan and Don were arguing."You stupid Asian! Tell your customers to stay away from my church," yelled Juan with his heavy Mexican accent."You say I am stupid, you are the stupid one! You waste hole life on this God." Replied Don Juan in his heavy Chinese accent."Tu stupido, tu stupido, tu un loco pollo." Said Juan."What?" asked Don Juan with a confused look on his face.Maria the usual supermarket customer helped translate for Don."He said, you're stupid, you're stupid, you are a crazy chicken," whispered Maria."Speak English you stupid foreigner," replied Don Won."You are a foreigner too," said Juan.Now you can see why Sheriff Wayne was tired of these stupid arguments. Arguing over customers, who Don Won has no control of, leads to arguing about who is a foreigner. By the time the argument was over it was around 9:30p.m. Sheriff Wayne came up on W St. in his black and white patrol car around 9:45. as he pulled on to the street he was amazed to see that the street was empty. No Juan. No Don. Nothing.Wayne stepped out of his car when he realized that it was a bit chilly and reached back in the car for his coat. As he walked up to the...

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1432 words - 6 pages %)CHILDREN / FAMILY 38 (15.8%)COMEDY 62 (25.7%)DRAMA 52 (21.6%)FOREIGN 2 (0.8%)HORROR 5 (2.1%)MUSICAL 1 (0.4%MYSTERY / SUSPENSE 17 (7.1%)SCI-FI / FANTASY 18 (7.5%)WESTERN 8 (3.3%) TOTAL 241The table shows that the comedy genre accounts for 25.7%of total films made during 1993 to 1995. During 1992 six of the top twenty films were comedy genres, four were action

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