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A car moved it’s away across a long stretch of highway with corn fields to the right and left. In the car were a typical family, two parents, and one teenage daughter. The daughter in the back seat was Kate Burch with her two parents in the front Geoff Burch and Madison Burch. Kate was staring out of the window at the never ending rows of corn. Kate pulled out her cell phone and saw no new messages; she looked out the window again and sighed. Both parent’s noticed the sigh and Geoff was the first to ask “what’s wrong, honey?” Kate pushed her head against the window and let out a groan “I hate the idea of moving, couldn't you have just left me in New York?” The mother was the one to reply to ...view middle of the document...

She stared at the neighbor’s house and saw a telescope at one of the windows and at the telescope was a teenage boy, he had short dark brown hair and dark rings around his eyes, he narrowed his eyes at Kate contemplating something but Kate didn’t like the idea of this random person staring at her so she moved to the garage to escape the sight of the stranger. She stood in the garage towards the side so the moving men can get the furniture inside the house and she decided to take the initiative and stop this person in case he has any intention to spy on her.
As soon as the house was all set up and Kate’s parents were sitting comfortably in the living room she decided to make her move. She left the house and moved over to the neighbor’s house and furiously knocked on the door, Kate waited a minute or two but there was no reply. Kate tried again but used both hands this time, the door opened a little and stopped being held by a chain, Kate saw it was the same guy who was staring at her looking at her through the bit of the door that was open “what?” the stranger said with hostility. Kate responded back with even more hostility “listen to me jerk; if you keep staring at me like some kind of pervert then I’m going to have to hurt you.” The door opened up completely showing that whoever he was he took poor care of himself and looked rather sloppy. The stranger had a curious look in his eye “how were you able to say that?” Kate got an even more confused look on your face “what do you mean?” The stranger instantly grabbed hold of Kate’s arm and pulled her inside the house and Kate started to panic trying to pull away from the stranger “what are you doing?” The stranger didn’t reply and she found herself in the kitchen of the house, it was completely filled with newspaper clippings and red pieces of strings connecting certain pieces of paper together. The stranger grabbed a fold able chair from the side of the room and sat it up “please take a seat.” Kate took a seat in the metal chair in fear that if she didn’t obey she would get hurt, the stranger got in front of her “first thing, my name is Michael Krewski and I am the only one you can trust because right now we need to get you out of this town because you are in serious danger.”
Kate started to panic and quickly pushed over Michael and made a dart for the door, she ran through the door and instantly went home. Kate went into the living room and got in front of both her parents and started to panic “the freak next door pulled me into his house and threatened me.” Kate wasn’t expecting the reaction she got both of her parents were just giving her blank stares like as if they didn’t hear her. Kate tried to explain again “the freak next door tried to kidnap me and threatened me.” The parents just stared at her until her father suddenly got a face of enlightenment and said “yes honey the house next door is for sale, hope you don’t expect to move out to soon.” Both the parents chuckled and Kate stared...

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