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Horror Films And Teens Essay

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Everybody makes fun of the girl in the horror film that yells “Hello, is somebody in here”, the viewer’s general reaction is come on sweetheart do you really think that the psychotic murder is going to be like “Yeah, I’m coming up the stairs to kill you so be prepared”. Everybody who watches horror films hates these clichés, so why do film directors still put these horrible played out clichés in their films. Are the directors and writers’ clueless to the countless number of parody horror films and internet memes, or are they brilliant minds who understand the needs of their core audience? Think about it, why is it that in all the years that horror films have been out they still follow the same pattern? The answer is rather simple, teenagers of today and every generation, no matter how different they think they are from the previous generation of teenagers are the same. Horror films are made to appeal to teenagers, which means the format does not need much changing to get its job done. It is these very clichés that are oh so hated, the distraction from the real world, and the excitement, and the pride felt after because we faced a fear that makes horror films appeals to teenagers as opposed to adults.
For teenagers, who in this essay will be defined as people ages 14 to 20, life is constantly changing. They are moving in to Junior High, High School, or their freshman year of college and the world as they once knew it is no longer the same. It seems like as soon as the teen can say “ok this is something that will not change”, it changes. This is why the clichés in horror films appeal to teenagers so much. Stephen King, a famed horror novelist briefly touches on this need for a constant when he says in “Why We Crave Horror”, “We also go to re-establish our feelings of essential normality”. Sharon Begley, a journalist, says it even better when in her article “Why Our Brains Love Horror Films”, when she explains that the majority of horror films have a checklist that they tend to follow. Begley list some of the clichés that we all claim to hate like the girl who is not afraid to feed her sexual need, or the helpful teens who pick up a stranger, the list of horror movie clichés goes on and on, Bagley, says that it is these predictable things that keep people coming back to the horror film genre in a whole. Many psychologist including Glenn Walters agrees that it is this knowledge of what is going to happen in an ever changing world that has such a strong appeal to horror movie viewers even if they are not aware that this is an underlining reason as to why they go...

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