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Horror Movies Essay

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Horror moviesHorror movies are in a great number since the first ever horror film "Le Manior du Diable", made in 1896 by George Melies. At that period of time, horror films were very dramatic and overacted, so people usually took them as comedies. But also those films were not giving a picture of moral values favored by Judeo-Christian religions. It was in the 1920s when the genre was actually begun, and it was in the 1960s when the genre developed. Films like "Psycho" by Alfred Hitchcock, had a great impact on a large number of people. From that time, horror has turn out to be one of the most popular of all genres. Horror has developed comprehensively over the years, from a primitive religious monster to today's myths and creative reservations. One can say horror films have advanced over the years to a fine art. Barsamian (2008) says in his article that horror films increase acceptance of violence in the society. The article helps to set a baseline for how the genre can be misunderstood as simply a vehicle for satisfying a need for prurient entertainment, rather than as a medium that plays a moral in advancing morality through the lens of personal responsibility by explicitly demonstrating the downside to immoral behavior.Horror films are terrifying to some people. But the question is where does the horror come from? Directors, editors and all members of the team involved in the film making have the difficult task of scaring people. Many films invent different new methods to scare people. Soundtrack, shock tactics, the monster, the setting, victim being defenseless/helpless, aggression and blood, demonic beings, chase sequences, fear of being alone, are some examples of the tactics film directors used to scare people. Various film directors use some or all of these tactics to scare people. But where is the moral messaging favored by Judeo-Christian religions. Different directors go for different things, to suit the film, which they are trying to make and to suit the era in which it is made. According to Adams (2006), the gratuitous violence is a backdrop for message of morality and personal responsibility. He argues that mankind's misdeeds necessitated the horrors of the crucifixion. Cowan (2008) says that demonic creatures, the undead, and evil are all vaguely religious concepts. His book discusses the strong presence of religion in horror films. He argues that horror films tend to prey on the religious sense that exists in most people (or vice versa), even those who are not exactly weekly...

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